Have you ever wished you could live a healthier life?

Well, I sure have! Many times over my life I have learned that even if I know something is good for me does not necessarily mean that I will do it. I have studied, thought on this, reflected on this, sought expert help on this and have come to some conclusions on how to combat this trait of being HUMAN.

As a Holistic person first and ultimately a Holistic Designer, I have seen that the spaces in which we live in – where we sleep, relax, bath, work, and eat in all have a major effect on the quality of our lives.

So, how to take this and make it into something that can help us live healthier? I have seen some amazing results in my clients lives once we have re designed their spaces, especially their KITCHENS. As one of my idols, Bucky Fuller always said – focus on the function of the design and then the beauty will reveal itself.

Here are my THREE TIPS on how to make your KITCHEN a better SPACE so you can LIVE HEALTHIER.

If you have limited space, for example you need to think VERTICALLY and how to use the space on your walls and ceiling in creative ways to give you more space. You also should consider the OLD FASHIONED way of cooking in order to minimize your need for the speciality appliances that only get used once in a while.

If you have limited budget, you need to define what you MUST HAVE first and then have your wish list second. Be honest and make sure all cooks in the family have a say, not just one person. The space needs to be comfortable for as many people in the household as possible. Be realistic with this as the budget is the key to feeling successful at the end of the project itself and often is not successful because of not doing a LIST of all items and putting a $$$$ next to each item you want.
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Beautiful and Functional Kitchens

Beautiful and Functional Kitchens

If you have limited schedule and need to do something to make your kitchen more functional IMMEDIATELY, my first suggestion is to PURGE it. I always get my clients to do an inventory in their kitchens and to list what they use on a daily, weekly, monthly or only during a special event or a season. These help you to organize your kitchen in an order than makes functional sense and can really open your eyes to the kitchen space from a new perspective.

If you like some of my Holistic approaches to reviewing your kitchen and want more Design Tips and Cooking Ideas, please come join in the conversation and food demonstration at the lovely GE Monogram Design Center.

For Tickets: http://holisticdineanddesign.eventbrite.com