Our Complete and utter favorite from ICFF this year was a company called Greypants. Their greenness outdid pretty much everyone at the trade show and we noticed! They definitely get the S. Lee Wright Ltd. Green Seal of Approval. A conceptual design studio founded in 2008 by two college roommates who were studying architecture. Aren’t you glad they branched out to product design? We sure are! They have a gorgeous line of ceiling fixtures called Scraplight made completely from recycled cardboard boxes. They come in multiple styles and shapes and give a glow to any room that is to die for. Check out their cool video showing the process. And if you love them as much as we did, make sure you take a look at some of their furniture as well.



Not a traditional choice, since this company currently has only two products, but we loved their work so much we had to share! The American company Playable Studio makes furniture that is multi functional; from kids to adults everyone will want to use it. We connected with the organic shapes and the pieces’ versatility. Perfect for a small New York apartment! We love seeing the Vio used as a coffee table or as a bench for shoes in an entryway. And the Oni is perfect as an end table or a stool. And if the adults in the house run out of uses for these two pieces, the kids in the house never will. Seriously, they never will. And on the green front, they use 100% Formaldehyde free plywood and non-toxic food grade finishes.

2012_06_07_Hightlights_From_Greypants-S3 2012_06_07_Hightlights_From_Greypants-S2