Having a client recently ask me to explain to her husband what Feng Shui was in a way that he would understand made me realize (again) how we all fall victim to talking in our own special jargon and language once we are professional and or passionate about something. I have always recognized this tendency, especially in the Architectural and Design Industries which is one of the reasons most of my documents have a glossary of terms most commonly used during a design and renovation project in order to help my clients and normal folks navigate the possible language barrier.  Though of course, I too still find myself using words and speaking in a manner making some assumptions that those around me understand the very basics of what it is that I am talking about in the first place.
Is Feng Shui when you put a fountain in your house?

Is Feng Shui when you put a fountain in your house?

So this week’s blog is another way to help those out there that are not actively, or who are just starting to gain interest in the holistic and or alternative approaches to our lives, health and design. My intention with my business has always been to bring great design to everyone and to not allow it to remain a luxury item for only the wealthy or famous.  Great designed spaces and the positive effects that they have on your lives is something I want to make sure everyone has access to.
So my story of what Feng Shui is goes something like this….
Feng Shui is an ancient practice of manipulating your physical environments – like your home, or office space, for optimum health and safety. It is known that our overall happiness in life are based on our safety and health. The term “Feng Shui” is from the Chinese language and literally translates to wind and water because thousands of years ago, the first practioner’s of Feng Shui basically were there to help people determine where, and how to build their spaces in the safest and most protected locations. Making a mistake on building your hut on the wrong side of a mountain could result in death from a landslide or a bad storm or being in a location where wild animals roamed.  So the professionals of the time – the Feng Shui Masters, were brought in to help determine the optimum locations, directions, and design of these build environments in harmony with our natural environments.
Today, Feng Shui is becoming more well-known as it was allowed to be taught outside of China, or India only a few decades ago.  It is now practiced by many in different manners as with anything, it depends on your teachings and belief systems. The specific approach I take is one taught by a Chinese Grand Master that focused on a modern day approach as it is necessary to make something practical and useful in today’s world.  It is called Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui and its concentration is on the modern application for the most useful approach to westerner’s mindset.
The shape of your physical space can have an impact on the feng shui qualities of the space too

The shape of your physical space can have an impact on the feng shui qualities of the space too

Feng Shui works on two levels: the mundane as described above.  The physical environment is very powerful and ultimately it will win therefore it is best to make sure your home is well built and safe, warm and secure.  Though it is also believed that we have a lot of invisible things that effect our overall well-being and happiness. Some of these you know of include love and electricity.  These are two things we know of but cannot see. Feng Shui connects with these as well.  It has the foundational belief that everything is made of energy, and everything is connected.  So it is reasonable to then say that our spaces have a second layer of invisible energy that needs to be adjusted and made smooth as well.  This also is in alignment with the Space Clearing philosophy and allows us to clear away the unwanted, or clogged energy that accumulates in your space to make room for more positive things to flow into your space and therefore into your life.
What you expect from a Feng Shui review with me goes something like this….
I will review of your home from the perspective of the way the space is laid out, the design, the arrangement, colors, lighting, etc.  Everything is reviewed from an energetic perspective and not just to make it look pretty. It is not about placing judgement as nothing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in spaces, just some need to be adjusted in order to maximize the benefits we are seeking. Before we do the walk through and I assess the space, and make my recommendations, we have a chat to talk about what is going on in your life, your families’ situation, and determine what areas would be most beneficial to strengthen and encourage more of. I have had clients focus on every different aspect in the Bagua, and this changes over time.  The areas of consideration include career, spirituality and education, family, abundance and wealth, reputation or fame, love and relationships, creativity, travel, benefactors or helpful people and of course our overall health and life balance.  We discover what areas will help you all the most, then we concentrate our efforts on how to promote these areas in the home.

These dogs act as a protection for this home office area

The suggested modifications are made with a sensitivity to your overall situation, from a holistic standpoint.  The conversation and walk through is often followed up with an email to highlight the key elements to focus on, and it is suggested to make some of the changes within a 3-day period to set your intention for the changes to take root.  Exact instructions on how to shift things, specific colors, ideas for adjustments will be included.
My past clients have seen radical shifts in their lives from the experience of a Feng Shui consultation and the subsequent changes they made. Your participation is required though not everyone in the family needs to be present, and all will benefit.  The mundane and transcendental work in tandem and are a yin-yang of your space working together for ultimate harmony and balance. It is through this balance that we find our greatest peace and happiness.

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