As the Monkey Year comes to a close, we are all giving a great big sigh of relief. I do not know very many people that will not be pleased to see the tail end of the rascal Monkey of last year.  The Monkey Year proved, as I predicted, to be a challenging year for us in many ways. I had anticipated global turmoil as unexpected political upheavals were to be expected and a breaking down of old patterns of thinking.  It was a year to push us outside of our comfort zones and I foresaw that the world would be a very different place at the end of 2016 than what we started with. This was certainly the case from the loss of many iconic figures to the massive political disruption occurring throughout the globe including the refugee crisis, Brexit, to the issues with ISIS and terrorist attacks, to self-driving cars. What a year it was!
Now as we say good-bye to the Yang Fire Monkey energy of 2016, we need to prepare for the new energy of this year. It is quite a BIG change so it is best to be prepared for a time of transition too.
The upcoming year – 2017 – will follow suit with the energy of the Chinese animal (Rooster), the Elemental aspect of the animal (Fire) and the Yin Yang of the year (YIN). This year we have the Yin Fire Rooster.  The Metal element, which is the element normally associated with the Rooster, adds the dynamic of contrasts to the year because Fire and Metal are in opposition. So this upcoming year has a lot of energy in it, with opportunities and a lot of possible clashes taking place. Though the tone of the year is very different than that of the Monkey year, it is one to hold onto your seats for and be prepared to pay close attention, stay focused and remain patient.
Good-bye Monkey Year!

Good-bye Monkey Year!

The Rooster is a trustworthy, responsible and resourceful animal.   It is a sign of the dawning of the day, a great time-keeper and one that believes in hard work.  This year you can expect to have a year of awakening, and success for hard work and a great need for patience. Lots and lots of patience. This will be especially challenging I expect due to the fast paced energy we are leaving behind from 2016.


The Fire Element adds the passionate side to the year and will continue with the element from last year. Though it is in the Yin form this year so it is represented with inner warmth, deep insights and the emergence of forgotten thoughts. It is going to be like a gentle unfolding of memories, dreams, ideas that have the power to inspire us greatly.  We just need to allow them to do so in a well-thought out and conscious manner. Do not rush into anything this year. Though the Fire energy often has us feeling like we are super busy and rushing around, it is good to manage this and be conscious of what we are spending our time on and not just spin our wheels. Again, be wary of the tail end of the Yang Fire energy of last year and shift your own energy to be in alignment with the energy of this year and you will benefit greatly from this harmony.
The FIRE element is very powerful for the Rooster Year

The FIRE element is very powerful for the Rooster Year


Note the YIN METAL element will add some interesting times to this year

Given the intensity of some of the energy – both left over from last year, as well as new, it is a good idea to also spend your energy and time outdoors more and allow yourself to get grounded with the earth. You can do this with gardening, long walks, or holidays spent by the seaside on a beach.  Also, surrounding yourself in earth color is a great way to change your interiors to help balance your energy. Dig your toes into the earth this year and stay connected to the earth and you will be able to weather any storms that come through.
Also this year has the Metal Energy from the Rooster which add a sharp edge to the year which can be seen as a continuation of some of the worst conflicts we had in 2016 with war, terrorists and conflicts in general, however there is a sense of optimism surfacing and a sense of calm that seems to be taking hold globally. The YIN FIRE keeps us in touch with our feelings instead of disassociating from them, which joins with the hard-working and trustworthy energy of the Rooster to provide a sense of positivity that we can solve our problems. Apparently there is a great surge of artistic healing that will come forward to help us bond, heal and co-create solutions.  This can be used to our advantage and given the possibility of conflicting energies, I suggest using earth colors as a way to manage the excess of the metal energy and keep you grounded. This can be done with your clothing in earth tones or adding terra cotta to your home in the form of planters or tiles or even colors.
In this year I recommend getting really clear on your INTENTIONS. This aligns you with the energy of the Yin Fire Rooster. Write it down, make a plan and take steps in the right direction. Be patient, work hard and stick to it. Do not jump at any get-rich-quick schemes as this is the year to absolutely avoid anything like that. Stick to practical, well proven paths and remember that first impressions do really count.
Make a plan!

Make a plan!

This is the year to also really strut your stuff, and allow yourself to be SEEN.  Roosters are very showy animals and love to been seen as pretty. Show your best side always. Allow yourself to be out in the scene to be seen.  Though the Roosters shadow side can be too showy and vain so be wary and do not let your ego to completely rule your actions or words.  Take advantage of the fun opportunities and dress up! There is never a second chance to make a good first impression and this year this can be super important for your advancement with meeting the right people.
Being the early bird, being in the thick of things will allow opportunities and connections to manifest. You need to participate.

Strut your stuff this year

Because it is a YIN year it is also important to recognize the qualities of the Yin versus Yang energy of last year. The Yin Yang concept is the process of harmonization, ensuring the constant and dynamic balance of all things in our world. This year, 2017 has a lot of YIN energy in it which represents the feminine energy.  It encourages us to take some down time, to have quiet time and allow ourselves some space for ourselves.  This energy is a slight contradiction and requires a delicate balance for yourself to dance between the need to be out there and do your thing and to make sure you provide yourself some quiet, down time.  It is a year to make sure you have BOTH and do not fall into extreme patterns. Extremes rarely serve us, and in 2017 this will be much more so the case. Follow the Rooster energy here and have a set timetable and schedule for yourself and stick to it.


Globally these strong elemental factors will result in a lot of friction and possible war, more terrorist attacks and some form of disasters occurring in 2017.  This type of year has historically aligned with some major events in the world.
Doing all of these things in consideration of the energy of the year allows for a smoother experience for each of us individually as well as a collective.  We can either fight the energy that surrounds us, or we can learn to go with the flow.  What do you prefer? My own experience is that my life is happier, and I am healthier when I stop resisting and learn to follow in the path of the flowing energy.  Recognizing the context of our lives, our world and our surroundings and adjusting accordingly can ensure a deeper experience in 2017.
We all have a choice on how we will show up this year

We all have a choice on how we will show up this year

We each have a choice.  How to manage the 2017 Yin Fire Rooster is up to you?

My predictions for 2017 are general and can give you some overall ideas and concepts on the way to navigate the next 12 months of your life. Following in the wake of the Yang Fire Monkey Year, I think it is an especially sensitive transition this year.  As I predicted, the changes to our world last year were massive, and now we will be needing to manage these changes, as we realign ourselves in this new reality and how to move forward. These choices deeply impact our overall happiness. If you want some specific guidance on how your own energy will dance with the year, a personalized Feng Shui review of your space and your own 9 Star Qi energy can provide you insights and enhancements to support you. There are even deeper assessments that others can provide you with I Ching readings, astrology readings and numerology.  My own expertise centers on your space design as I have discovered that we can change our lives through the changing of our spaces.  Our intention, our dreams and desires and beliefs are our inner world which is always manifested into our physical, outer world in one form or another.  Our spaces reflect our inner selves so why not make sure that it is a true, clear representation of the best of yourself and your most wonderful dreams and intentions.

Happy Rooster New Year!!!