I LOVED seeing that a new shopping mall in Hong Kong is designed around the   Five Elements!!!  Such an interesting   concept and one that most Westerns are only starting to hear more about and   understand. The concept is based on the natural environment in which the   world is designed and allowing us to design the built environment around   it.  Not quite the same as “biomimcry”   but a very, very ancient version of the same thing.

As a Feng Shui practioner, I have been continually exploring the importance   of the Elements in the world around us and how their BALANCE is key to   everything in our lives – our health, our spaces, or interaction with each   other.

The main Five Elements in Feng Shui are the main natural elements that make   up our world- Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth.

I saw a great example of this Concept being designed into a Shopping Mall   in Hong Kong and I had to take a peek to see if it would be the same as my   interpretation.  And of course, it is   very different than my view, but isn’t all design somewhat subjective?   However the design is based around the (5) elements in (5) different themed   areas. And they are as follows:

the Metal Zone being all about luxury shops and metal sculptures,

the Water Zone includes world class restaurants,

the Wood Zone is all about wood decor and furniture,

the Fire Zone is a movie complex and has an ice skating rink!

and the Earth Zone is all about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and a   garden.

Not necessarily how I would intrepreate the Five Elements but I adore that   it is the essence of balancing our inner worlds with our natural   environments.  The next time I am in   Hong Kong, I am heading there to do some site inspections and of course to go   shopping and ice skating!