The world is increasing in SPEED, the things we need to PROCESS every day and literally the increased amount of information AVAILABLE to us.
This is not NEW news.
Many of us are working to adjusting to this new phenomenon. Some of us are working to CHANGE our habits plus our expectations one step at a time. Some lucky ones were born into this technology-driven age and seemingly have ADAPTED this to a style of living in ways I often find hard to comprehend.
But there is ANOTHER very interesting thing that is happening in today’s brand new technology-driven world that is less often remarked upon. Once upon a time, most people connected with people that were in their surrounding area or neighborhood. This included the people in your immediate COMMUNITY or tribe. Psychological statistics today often support that most people are closest to those that are physically closest to them. This simply is NOT THE CASE anymore.
The CHANGING dynamic of a post-internet world includes a GLOBAL community being available to us. Once upon a time, our world consisted of the place we lived and worked. Our framework was based on the PHYSICAL REALM of these places and our contact with those that shared these spaces with us.
The internet, Facebook, and the world-wide-web have dramatically changed all of that. It is not just the PHYSICAL that matters; now the INVISIBLE also plays a vital role in our daily relationships.
Now you can connect with and remain close to just about ANYONE and EVERYONE you want to. The world is, literally, your oyster. For good, bad or the ugly – this is our NEW reality.


That’s the beauty of the internet. We are no longer tied to our communities by physical connections. ~ Snowden

In my personal experiences, I have reconnected with people that I lost touch with decades ago, plus I have forged new relationships with people I barely ever knew in person and I have even developed meaningful working relationships with complete strangers thanks to the internet. Also, as an avid traveler, this globalization has allowed me to remain close to friends, family, and colleagues that I would otherwise have been challenged to do. What a gift! But take heed, no gift comes totally without its challenges.


We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side. ~ Kahlil Gibran

With the new reality facing us with the invisible playing an increasingly bigger role in who we interact with, how do we know what our BOUNDARIES are? Understanding this new concept is one thing; what to do with this new knowledge is a totally different thing. Understanding how to manage the dynamic of an expanding circle of the community takes some focused attention and consideration. It is no longer acceptable to simply allow your physical community to be all of your personal relationships, it simply is impossible to remain that concealed and cloistered in the world today.
Next week I explore the meaning of this changing dynamic with regards to our physical space though for now, I FOCUS on shining some LIGHT onto this new global-centric world and share my insights on how to MANAGE this for positive results. I strive to ENCOURAGE you to make sure you are surrounding yourself with your own TRIBE. This means to surround yourself with like-minded, like-souled people that feed your spirit, encourage you to be your best self, and generally make you happiest. Your tribe does not bring you down, depress you, derail you, fight against your interests and generally make you unhappy.
Making sure that since you now have CHOICE to select who you interact with, it is important to make sure you do just that – make the right choice.
You have a CHOICE: DIY or DIWY

You have a CHOICE: DIY or DIWY

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. ~ J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Why is this so important?
  • The five people you spend the most time with will reflect the most probable future outcome for your own life. In other words, the people you hang with have a direct impact on the level of success, happiness and overall health you experience.
  • The law of attraction is about how your thoughts become things. In this sense, the people in your world help you to attract what you want in it more effectively than being with people that do not want the same things.
  • A body in motion stays in motion.  Do not let others derail you from your own mission towards happiness and fulfillment. Once you get into the flow, you will continue to be in the flow. It is much harder to start from a stopped or continually blocked position.
  • Feng Shui, the ancient art of mindful arrangement of our space in order to manipulate and stack things in our favor for greater happiness, health, abundance, and success, has now been shifted to include much more of the invisible realm. Make sure to focus on your thoughts and your INTENTIONS.

shutterstock_61051801_Child holding Earth on green meadow_copyright olly copy

What is the POWER of your INTENTION?

How to Discover Your Tribe
  • First, you need to make sure you know your own self. Socrates even went so far to say that people looked ridiculous when they tried to understand obscure things when they did not know themselves.  However, today, with our sensory overloads, workaholism and the pressures of doing more, we often are running so fast that we forget to think. Don’t make this mistake.


  • To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. ~Socrates

  • Slow down. Take the time necessary to actually THINK properly about the things that matter. You will not end up where you want to be especially if you have no idea where that even is.
  • Write it down. In a technology and computer-based world, this is even more essential to stay physically connected with ourselves with the act of putting pen to paper. This solidifies something inside us and helps bring much more clarity to your thoughts.
  • Dedicate time to reach out to those that matter. Do not neglect the people that you love and respect. Your closest tribe members often provide insights into who we are simply by sharing.
  • Prune your personal and professional gardens, regularly. Do not keep things, or people in your life simply because they have always been there. We evolve and therefore some of the things and people that once served us, no longer do. Knowing yourself will help to know who you want to share your valuable time with and focus on that.
  • Be willing to be alone for awhile until you find the people that match your vibration.  Learning to leave some space in your life, as well as in your home allows for the space to be filled up with the things that best serve you. If you have no extra room, often the best will eventually go elsewhere. Do not lose the possibilities because you didn’t have the room.
What will result from this process?
There is no guarantee in our world and in our life, and life is not always fair. I personally subscribe to the faith that everything happens for a reason and this reason is going to serve me.  Trusting in the overall guidance power of the Universe, or whatever faith you subscribe to, will help you to understand the true value to surrounding yourself with your own TRIBE.
Now we have been given the GIFT of the opportunity to CHOOSE who we want to connect with.  We do not have to stay rooted with those that do not feel the same way, who do not see the world in the same manner or do not subscribe to the same fundamental values.  We get to EXPAND our world and our hearts to include more people that are cut from the same cloth.
The positive results of this will include some of these following things which include EXACTLY same things that having the RIGHT SPACE DESIGN also provides for you and your family. Check out some design ideas here.
  • Increased health
  • Improved efficiency
  • Deeper clarity
  • Greater happiness
  • Shared abundance
  • Expanded knowledge
If these things are not enough to inspire you to actively SEEK your own TRIBE then I wonder what is stopping you?
You do not need to cut out everyone in your personal space now; you only need to OPEN your eyes to the possibility of increasing your scope of friends, colleagues, and connections to include those that come from the same vibration.
I am happy that you are reading this blog because that means you are part of MY TRIBE and I am super grateful to have connected with so many like-minded, like-souled people. I purposely seek my TRIBE because I know the magic that occurs when we CO-CREATE the design of their spaces together.  My clients have helped me to continue this personal mission to connect with my tribe and to seek to increase it.  We all need to find our tribe to be at peace and have increased harmony in the world.

A co-created space is a magical space

A wise man just recently shared with me a life lesson he has taught his children:  LOVE is unlimited and EXPANDS the more you love. So, go out there and expand your love some more.
If you want support to help you in this, preparing your SPACE with a FENG SHUI and a SPACE CLEARING can kick-start this process. I am here to help you. Reach out. I’m here to help. Click here to connect