March 20, 2016 is the beginning of spring or what we call the spring equinox. The spring equinox, technically called the vernal equinox, is not an arbitrary date. There are very specific astrological reasons for the exact date of this first day of spring. It is when the sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north on the ecliptic. The word “equinox” is from the Latin words “equal night.” All over the world, days and nights are almost equal.
The equinox is often confused with the solstices, which are when the sun is at either its northernmost or southernmost point on its travels, and is misunderstood from a meteorological viewpoint when springtime technically starts on March 1, 2016. The spring equinox is still an important time of transition from one season to another.
No matter what date you choose to celebrate the beginning of spring, it is always a time to dance for joy with the longer days and increasing sunlight!
Springtime is the season of New Beginnings. It is often seen as the time to start fresh and clean house, both literally and figuratively. The vitality of the season is a wonderful energy and one we all crave to capture and enhance in as many ways as possible.

Do you want to welcome in the positive energy of spring and let go of anything that is holding you back to make room for a more abundant life?

Feng Shui is the practice of mindful arrangement of your spaces to enhance your life in positive and meaningful ways. Using the power of your own space and environment you can increase your odds for a better life through bringing in positive energy, removing obstacles, and making your spaces smoother, nicer and better to live in.
A key principle in the practice of Feng Shui are the Five Elements, which are a symbolic way to categorize the cycles or phases in our natural world. There are Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, Earth. Each element has a series of characteristics that represent them. Understanding and utilizing the Five Elements will allow you to embrace the energy of the season of spring in a powerful way for more health, happiness and abundance in your life. You can follow the simplified tips below which I have outlined for you to adjust the design and décor of your spaces for this very purpose. As a Feng Shui expert and Licensed Interior Designer, I have made it part of my mission to simplify these complex principles, such as the Five Elements, so more people start to benefit one space at a time from these ancient practices.
The Five Elements

The Five Elements

In Feng Shui, the season of spring is really important. It is where the cycle begins and therefore it is symbolic for the birth or the beginning. To ensure you have solid grounding for this new beginning, you can adjust your space to have a balanced amount of the main element in spring – Wood.
The Wood element, or spring in Feng Shui terms, symbolizes family, ancestry, community and fertility, new beginnings and growth. It is the time for all things to take root and start to grow.
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The WOOD element represents our Families

Additionally in Feng Shui, each element is categorized with a color and shape among many other things. For now, we will focus on the three main things only: shape, color and material or object. Learning to recognize this element in your spaces will give you the power to see what needs to be shifted when things are not working right.
Here are five tips on how to change your space to change your life using Feng Shui enhancements for spring:


  1. CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER. Clear out the clutter! It is time to literally make some space for better things to come. Go to your closet and pull out all the winter clothes you never wore during the entire season. Unless it is a specialty item, such as skiwear, these things may no longer serve a purpose for you. Every spring, I purge things I no longer need and give them away to my favorite charity, providing for others and making space for myself at the same time. A Win-Win for everyone!



  1. LIFE FORCE. Add plants in the house! Living things can enhance the positive chi in your home or office space, bring more oxygen in, and focus your attention on nurturing. Plus the added beauty and reminder of the season of new beginnings makes us generally happier. Having tall plants are especially positive during this season, such as vertical rectangular-shaped plants like bamboo, to maximize the Wood Element. Tip; make sure to take good care of your plants and not allow ‘dead’ or ‘dying’ energy to remain long in your space. If you have difficulty maintaining houseplants, fresh flowers will work just as well.


  1. SEASONAL DÉCOR. Change your décor for the season. Swap out some of your decorative items that you have had in the space during the wintertime. A new season requires a new feeing in the space. I often recommend seasonal décor, removing heavy curtains and replacing with sheers, removing large rugs and replacing them with smaller ones, and adding a seasonal wreath or other welcoming element to your front door to greet in the new season. You can add some green into the space as well to enhance the Wood element as needed.Lee Wright
  1. HONOR YOUR FAMILY. Take more photos! Add new photos of your family, friends or loved ones in your space. You can swap out the old photos in the same frames or create a specific area where you can add new photos of your current activities with your loved ones. Having reminders of our connections to those that we love is a wonderful way to honor our heritage.boreum_hill004
  1. GO GREEN. Your space is the sacred sanctuary for yourself and your family. Make a commitment this season to remove all toxic-cleaning products from your home, once and for all, and replace them with environmentally conscious cleaning products. As the season calls for a good, thorough cleaning of everything, this is the perfect opportunity to use only the products that will be healthy for everyone including the Earth. If you are not ready to make your own cleaning products from vinegar, baking soda and lemons, there are plenty of good products out there such as Meyers or Ecover to choose from.shutterstock_1006470
Representative of springtime, the WOOD element also symbolizes the same categories we associate and bring with the season of spring: strength and flexibility, generosity and idealism, expansion and yang energy, new beginnings, fertility and abundance. The energy of spring is a powerful one and worthy of celebrating and empowering you in as many ways you can.
Another way to make sure you make the best use of the spring season is to balance the energies around you. Sometimes things are not in total balance and you need to adjust them. Just as when there is too much heat or warmth, you need something cooling to bring the temperature down to a more acceptable range.
There are Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth. Just like all the elements, the Wood element is all around us, either in abundance or in scarcity. It is the balancing of this element, along with the others, that is the key to a happy, healthy life. Being able to recognize the element Wood in your space is important to being able to manage it to your own benefit. For this, the shape of an object will always be the first indicator of what element it is. For the Wood element, the shape is rectangular and most often a rectangular shape in a vertical orientation. Secondly, the colors will be an indicator of the element. For the Wood element, the color is green, most often the bright yellow-green color of fresh leaves. Lastly the object itself is a representation of one of the key characteristics in the Wood Element such as a living plant or an object representing your family.
The balancing of the Wood element is best understood in the following chart:
Wood is nourished by Water in the enhancing cycle
Wood feeds the Fire element
Wood is cut by the Metal element in the controlling cycle
Some design examples of how to balance your Wood element include if you determine you have an abundance of Wood in your space and you feel it needs to be toned down for a better balance, then you may consider adding something with the Metal Element in it such as a Metal side table or a metal bench in your foyer. METAL CUTS WOOD.
 Alternatively if you feel you need to enhance or bring more of the Wood element into your space, you can add a water fountain and some Bamboo which will represent the Wood element with the bamboo and the Water will nourish it, therefore enhancing its power in the space. WOOD IS NOURISHED BY WATER.
Water Fountain is a good way to bring in the WATRE

Water Fountain is a good way to bring in the WATRE

There are many other rituals and traditions that people have used for this special season for over thousands of years, just simply because it is such an important transition. From the cold, ‘little death’ of winter, the entrance of spring is literally a breath of fresh air. People can come outside again, hope abounds, and faith is renewed. Religions have also made the most of the season, as Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. The Persian new year starts on the first day of spring, and it is known that the Great Sphinx points directly towards the rising sun on the first day of the vernal equinox. Both Pagans and Christians around the world have celebrated this day for thousands of years as the foundational understanding that the New Beginning that comes with spring is a joyful time to be welcomed and celebrated!
May your spring bring you New Beginnings in all areas of your life that you desire and may you be able to balance your spaces to enrich the experience of the spring equinox to benefit you and yours.
Not sure how to apply these Feng Shui tips into your own spaces for Spring? I can help! Check out my Feng Shui Reviews and Space Clearing Rituals here.
 I would be delighted to assist you with changing your space to change your life this Spring!
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Looking forward to helping you make the most of the Monkey Year.

Looking forward to helping you make the most of the Monkey Year.