Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Or even in your own space?

 You want to make a change for the better, but

you just don’t know what to do?

Each of us has intuition. Though in your modern world with all the noise and distractions, you may not always allow yourself the chance to listen to yourself. Your inner voice talks to you in your subconscious and your dreams about what we really want and need to be happy. It is a very important and powerful tool that you can use to your advantage.

 I believe that our spaces are reflections of each of us.

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Does this space make you feel happy?

The things you have in them, the way they are set up, the colors, fabrics, furniture, and even the choices you made to live in a certain building or house, city or even country are all very clear indicators of who you are, what you value, and how you see yourself and your place in the world. Where you are is a result of every decision you have made up until this point.
 Sometimes this realization is not so pleasant because you may not like the spaces or places you find yourself in. If you do not understand this or you choose to believe that something outside of yourself is in control, then you may not feel that your space is a reflection of who you really are.


 However, the moment you recognize that your inner self is reflected by your outer environment, then you have the power to transform both.

If your space is a reflection of who you are, then why not

make it the BEST reflection it can be?

That’s why I created a workshop to help you put the shine on your reflection – and your life. The Five Element Feng Shui Design Workshop is a candid discussion about how your space reflects your inner self and how you can use some ancient tools to create a sense of harmony and balance in your spaces. After all, your spaces reflect who you are and who you want to be. Using this ancient “technology“ to your advantage can help you build and create the great life you want.
 One of Feng Shui’s founding principles is that everything is interconnected. If you change one thing, then the other will change as a result. For example, if you change something in the physical world, such as painting a wall a certain color, it will have an effect on your inner world by changing the way you feel and ultimately act when you are in this space.
 During the workshop, we will talk about the ancient art and science of the Five Elements and Feng Shui. It will provide an in-depth look at the core philosophies and their underlying principles, including the history, how they are interconnected, and ways that you can use this information immediately to enhance your own space and life.
 Whether you want to transform your life to be healthier, more functional or ultimately just better all around, you’ll learn how to use these principles and activities to create the life you want.
 People often come to a designer because they want something to change in their lives. They have a feeling that if they were to change their space, their lives would change. Although they can’t explain why, they are right. This is true.
 Why not learn to do some of this for yourself and take control of your space and life?
 In order to be your very best self, I believe these transformations need to be more fluid and a regular part of your life. You are constantly evolving and changing; your space needs to be able to transform with you in order to be the foundational support structure you most need. Though this is contrary to the typical approach of an interior designer or architect, I believe the best spaces are the ones with the most flexibility to be changed easily and that have some fluidity to them. Your space must change with you, at your own pace.
 The workshop provides a conversation that will include the following topics:

                  – The fundamentals of the Five Elements & Feng Shui

                  – How these principles are essential to the Design of your spaces

                  – Tools to use to balance your own space

 In this workshop, I will show you how these philosophies are reflected in the spaces that you live and work in. You will learn what they are and how to use them in the design of your own spaces so you can cultivate more happiness, health and abundance.
 This workshop is perfect for people who are seeking to get a better life and for those who are interested in making some key changes to have a more fulfilling life, with more happiness, greater health, deeper relationships and more abundance.   You will walk away with the tools for how to change your space in big and small ways to make a huge difference in how your space feels and suports you to be your best, happiest self.
S. Lee Wright
 Join me in New York City at the Five Elements Feng Shui Design workshop on March 15th.

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If this is your year to transform your life, you can’t afford to miss on these essential toold to cultive everything you want.

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