Happy New Year!  This ancient celebration is upon us, and as with any modern traditional holidays sometimes we forget the original meanings for them.  I adore to rediscover the meanings behind all the holidays so I can start to embrace them and make them part of my own life in my own way.
In the Western world which follows the Georgian calendar, December 31st is the ritualistic celebration of the transition from the old year to the new year.  When I was younger New Year’s Eve was about the party, the party dress and getting a kiss at midnight. It was not until the death of my Mother occurred on this very day that I started to understand the true meaning of this special celebration as a transition from one year to another. Each year I now celebrate this special day with a ritual of remembering all of those that are no longer with us in this earthy realm.


Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. ~ Wayne Dyer

Following my studying Feng Shui with the BTB Masters Feng Shui school in NYC with GM Professor Thomas Lin Yun, I started to understand that there is another very special New Year’s celebration that is celebrated in countries with a large Chinese population the new year celebration is done on a different day every year dependent on the lunisolar Chinese calendar. This year it is celebrated on January 28th and transitions from the Monkey Year to the Rooster Year.  Each year I now celebrate this special day with a ritual of honoring the achievements of the past year and setting the intentions for the next year.  This realigns my future vision and gives me pause to celebrate my achievements.
No matter which New Year celebration you embrace – New Years Eve  or the Chinese New Year, or whether you are young or old, it is a great idea to ring in the next year with some purposeful intention.


What is the Quality of Your Intent?

These celebrations allow us to take stock of where we are, what we have achieved and to realign ourselves with the future direction towards our greatest dreams.  It is no surprise that these dates come in the depths of winter, after the long slumber often called a little death, it is in the hopes for the upcoming spring that we start to dream of what is to come next.

Dream Big Dreams. Make Next Year Your Best.

Some “ideas” on what to do to make your New Years’ transition into the best year ever! Read these and pick and choose which ones feel right to you….and remember to have fun!  It is a celebration in the dark of winter, with the joy of bringing in more light into our lives!
  • Where something red for the evenings celebrations.
    • This can be either something visible like a shirt, or scarf or something more personal like your lingerie. It does not matter. What matters is the fact that red is the powerful color of passion and reputation or fame.
  • Where something brand new for the evenings celebrations.
    • Showing your gratitude for gifts given, and allowing ourselves to feel new, and alive gives the new year the space to bring more abundance into your life.
  • Plan on eating something healthy to set the intention for great health all year long.
    • Our healthy and the health of those we love is a very key element to our happiness and remembering to be grateful for this, no matter what level, is a positive foundation to start the new year.
  • Clean your home, office or even your bedroom.
    • This act is to symbolically make room for your dreams and to remove anything unwanted from your life.
  • Create a donation box to bring to your favorite charity.
    • This is another way to show your gratitude and to make room for more abundance in your life in the next year.
  • Make a list of the things to let go of from the past year and burn it before midnight.
    • I have used this ritual for years and it is great way to learn to let go of things that no longer serve us. I feel most of us spend a lot of time, especially at the holidays looking backwards and this ritual allows space for this looking back, and then allows it to end, and you to start to look forward which is where our intentions ought to be focused.
  • Make a list of the things to achieve in the new year and place it in a red envelope.
    • Whatever we place our attention on, will manifest. This basic truth is a very powerful sentiment and if you follow it, you will be amazed by what you can achieve. You can review it next year at new years and let me know your results!
  • Schedule a time to do a Space Clearing before the Chinese New Year.
    • You can do your very own, and if you do not know how, you can get this instructive video to teach yourself how to do it. http://www.sleewright.com/shop/sacred-space-cleaning
    • Or you can hire a professional Feng Shui Consultant to come and help you achieve this. It is a very special ritual, which is done differently by each practioner and can really help you shift the feelings in your space and life to allow for greater healthy, happiness and joy to fill it in.  If you are looking for a Feng Shui consultant you can refer to this link. http://www.ifsguild.org/FengShui/faqs/hire-an-ifsg-consultant/
  • Create a vision board on New Years Day.
    • It is a lovely way to spend your first day in the creation of a board with your dreams on it for what you want the next year to bring to you. It can be as simple as a cut-n-paste version from old magazines to a more sophisticated version online as with dreamitalive.com
  • Make a Happy Memories Jar.
    • Save an old jar and make a label for it. This ought to be placed in the most used room in your space, which typically has been the kitchen for the people I have recommended this to.  Make sure it is in visible location so you remember to think about it whenever a happy thing occurs in your life, you can write it down and place it into the jar for next New Year’s celebration.
  • Read your Happy Memory Jar.
    • If you have already started this ritual, you can read aloud your happy memories in the hours before midnight to give thanks for all the wonderful, loving and happy things that have filled the last year. In this manner you are setting your vibration up to a higher level which is the level in which happiness more readily arrives.
  • At midnight make sure to make a lot of noise! Ring bells, sing, dance or chime bells.
    • It is believed that the energy will be broken up and any unwanted, or evil energy will be able to leave at this time. Opening a window and door at this time too is a great idea.
It is said that whatever you do in the first hour of the new year will set the tone for the entire year to come. I subscribe to this as in the same manner that your mood in the morning has a lasting effect on the general mood of your day. So, be sure to place your intention during this time, to have a lovely time, relax and fill it with laughter and love. Set the intention for these emotions to fill your next year up.



Happy New Year!  May the Year of 2017 bring you joy, happiness, health and peace.