Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023 YIN WATER (BLACK) RABBIT YEAR

Every year, during the month of January, I review all information at my disposal as I learned from the ancient practices from Feng Shui to create a guide for what the energy of the next year may have in store for us and how to best navigate it properly for greater chances of happiness, health and a positive life.  This Water Rabbit 2023 Year: Feng Shui annual predictions are below, with my 5-tips for managing the energy of 2023 with grace. A few years back a few friends and colleagues started asking me to share this, so here we are. Of course, all of this is my own personal guesses and thoughts on how the next year may play out and nothing is a guarantee but it is fun to try to see into the future.

see the big picture

you can change

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

~Abraham Lincoln


First, we see where we are right now – in the Yin Water Rabbit Year 2023. The Lunar calendar launched into this with the Spring Festival on 5 February 2023. This is the year for PREPARING.  Now to understand a little more of what this year has in store for us, it is a good idea to look at the WHOLE picture.



Yin represents female energy; receiving, submission, softness, dark, warm moon energy. This is very different than the YANG energy of the last years Water Tiger Energy, which was the opposite energy with bright, bold, active energy. For 2023, this will feel like a great shift of the energy from a more direct and forceful energy to a much softer and kinder one.


BLACK is symbolic for the element of Water and again 2023 is with the Water element just as was 2022. This element is unpredictable and changing throughout the year so we mist note that there will be changes and surprises throughout the upcoming year. Typically in Feng Shui water can be auspicious but it must be managed wisely.


This animal represents good fortune (lucky rabbit’s foot, witches transforming into rabbits, the magicians pet rabbit, etc.) and fertility (Easter ‘s Bunny Rabbit is due to the Pagan goddess of fertility because of rabbit’s energetic breeding!). They also are calm and peaceful creatures, earnest and proud plus they are reactive, and will escape as needed.

The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.

Thomas S. Monson

OVERVIEW SUMMARY LAST FEW YEARS: good to look where we are coming from, especially after these past few years and the Rat started the 12 year Chinese Animal cycle. The last Water Rabbit  year was in 1963 and key things that happened that year included the assassination of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, a nuclear test ban treaty between US and USSR, medical advances in transplants of human organs and the first women in Space.
  1. Yang Water Rat. A year of SURVIVAL;  Clashing energy caused friction and hardship with was evident with the global pandemic. But it was a time to forge a new direction since forced to reinvent the way of the world. This was a year to remind us that we need to be part of a community and work tougher, look at the future, clean up our internal messy homes and make sure to add some color/spice to our lives in order to stay at peace. (My 5 tips in 2020: Collaborations, Long-Term, Active, Paperwork, Color your Home)
  1. Yang Metal Ox.  A year of GROUNDING; After the dynamic energy shifts of the previous year, this year saw a massive slow down with sadness, grieving and rebuilding energy finally taking root. Slowly consistent hard work brought in change, but slow and steady and messy process. In 2021 it was a year that we were forced to slow down, refocus ourselves on what really matters and try to rebuild new things in a new world and self-care became a priority. (My 5 tips for 2021: Together, Slow, Calm, Release, Nurture)
  1. Yang Water Tiger. A year of CHANGE; A year that started off wildly fast with changes and drama throughout shifting from the slow Ox energy to the Wild Tiger. The Tiger energy was about keeping pace and being able to pivot. Wars, tragic climate conditions and raising inflation highlighted a fast-paced year making it challenging to keep up with all that was going on. Efforts to remain positive paid off for those able to do this, and for those struggling with positivity, it became a year of introspection and realistic assessment of the world in all its messy glory. (My 5 tips for 2022: Bold Action, Flexibility, Positivity, Realistic, Home Improvements)

 2023. Yin Water Rabbit. A year of PREPARING. 


If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

~ Russian Proverb


  • Start a new business, or relationship, or have a baby.


  • Arguing.  Rabbits do not like to fight so they will escape so stay quiet and find solutions.
  • Do not wait too long as the best part of the year to plant seeds is SPRING.


  • People start to consider new lifestyles
  • Innovative solutions begin
  • Hope will start to sprout
  • Solution orientated
  • HEALERS are rising
  • LIGHT at the end of the tunnel but patience is needed (24-25-26)
  • Protests but some not so violent
  • Travel is happening again (groups)
  • COVID is downgraded to flu
  • Mental Health awareness, less shame
  • Spiritual Debt Settlement. Year to make amends
  • Introspective & Year of Planning


  • War continues until the end of the year, slowly fading
  • Food & Energy Shortages continue and new ways to manage are found
  • USA obsessed with next election
  • Water issues throughout world more urgent
  • Climate Crisis increases into spotlight
  • Inflation continues globally with talk of degrowth as the next option or new alternatives
  • Solar storms expected which will make us all look up more
  • Energy explosion in some form will bring about a focus on these ways of providing energy
  • China makes some changes which will cause some global disruptions
  • People reject violent protests but need alternatives for change (ideas will pop)


  • Wear JADE jewelry or have it around the house
  • PLANTS inside
  • WHITE as a color in décor
  • METAL as an accessories in house or on body
  • Offer KINDNESS
  • Find SOLUTIONS – do NOT criticize
Take Control

Feng Shui is one way to take back control

SUMMARY 5 TIPS TO MANAGE THE YEAR’S ENERGY of the Yin Water Rabbit in 2023

Water Rabbit 2023 Year: Feng Shui Annual Predictions are my focused effort to navigate the energy of the Rabbit to our general best advantage. These are the five things that I feel we ALL could do that would work with the energy of the bunny rabbit, water year and yin energy. If you can work on these 5 things, then I predict that you will have a year with less stress, more flow and a lot of positivity.

  2. TEAMS
  5. COZY

Get Clarity.

  • Focus in your own heart & figure out who you are, what you want and how you need to live your best life
  • Only you know you (don’t only listen to others)
  • Find your ONE THING

Team Effort.

  • Rabbits work best in a team
  • Find your like-souled people and build a team
  • Team player is positive way to work together
  • We can do so much more together than apart


  • Make plans and stick to them
  • Small steady steps will win the race
  • Do not get distracted by the noise

Help Others.

  • We are stronger, healthier  when helping others
  • Balance comes from a shared experience
  • Ask how you can help family, friends, or in a charity
  • Spiritual Debt Settlment

Cozy your Nest.

  • Comfort is queen
  • Not extravagant but soft, warm, sweet
  • Create the feeling of SAFETY
  • Great to tighten relationships

can get by their toil is not what they GET from it,
but what THEY BECOME by it.

I trust you have enjoyed the Water Rabbit 2023 Year: Feng Shui Annual Predictions. I hope that you can find some comfort in taking control of your life through the mindful management of your spaces. If you need help, I am just a DM away!

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