Living Room with Purple & Red
Again as we are in the midst of winter, I find myself thinking of sunny places and projects where I worked on projects near the seaside.

I recently worked on a amazingly beautiful Beach House for a client of mine in Long Beach, New York. And one of the main goals was to incorporate FENG SHUI COLORS into the overall finish scheme of the house. I have been an Interior Architect and Interior Designer for over 20 years and this inter linking of the two philosophies was an interesting and awe inspiring exercise!!

Each room of the house is set in a specific area of the Feng Shui Bagua (otherwise known as the Feng Shui Map) and the Bagua is used to help Feng Shui Specialists read the energy of a space. It is a multi dimensional process and is never straightforward however to explain this process note that ever section has a set of criteria within it.

For example the Gua or area typically called the PROSPERITY corner includes such elements as Growth, Abundance, and Wealth. It is set in the South East, relates to the Pelvis in the body, the element Wood and the Animals Dragon and Snake. It also is typically associated with the Colors Green/Purple/Red.

So based on the COLORS for each section we set about designing the house with a COLOR SCHEME that would utilize this to reinforce the positive Feng Shui of this families new beachside home. The challenges included the openness of the space, the need for the house to be lived in year round, the multiple family members plus the keen sense of the owners to be authentic to the Feng Shui Colors as much as possible. We used the principles of Feng Shui throughout the entire house but I am especially proud of the Feng Shui living room. It combined the use of the colors in paints, onyx, curtains, custom made furniture plus purchased items and a Wall Hanging Calligraphy by the last HH Thomas Lin Yun. All of this combined to create a spectacular environment!
The resulting home is a true reflection of the OWNERS VIBRANT ENERGY plus a combination of Interior Design and Feng Shui at its best – a rainbow of colors that embrace you upon entering the space and glide you from room to room, with never an interruption of the interaction of one with the environment in which you find yourself. The positive chi of the Beach House is such that one tends to literally skip while in the home.

Do you think that the use of Feng Shui colors is something you would like to see in your home?

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