Online Events: Re-connecting the 5 Senses & 5 Elements

A Sustainable Future for Designers & Architects

20 June 2020 & 11 July 2020

Join us for two collaborative workshops for Designers & Architects to rebalance, renew & revive a more sustainable approach to designing spaces that make us all thrive.

Join us to reawakening within & reconnecting yourself with the 5 Senses & the 5 Elements with our experiential and exploratory workshops with Wellness Designer, Esther Dederichs and Holistic Designer, S. Lee Wright.

The world needs your greatness to be connected to your inner and outer spaces!! Now more than ever!

There are 2 workshops:

On June 20th, we will be Laying The Foundation for reconnecting the 5 Senses & 5 Elements. It will be packed with detailed information and hands-on approach so this is for those seeking to seriously become informed and connected again to the natural environment in a sustainable way.

Right now we are in the midst of a game changing experience. How will you adapt to meet this challenge?

On July 11th, we will take a Deeper Dive to help you to take this to the next level in your life & business. This is following the first workshop, Laying The Foundation, given in June. This is a stand-alone workshop, though the previous one will have given some foundational principals which may make this workshop more practical.

Practice tools will be provided during the workshops as well as post-workshop options on continuing education. These days will be packed with detailed information and hands-on approach so this workshop is for those seeking to seriously enhance their own creativity on a deeper, more meaningful level for yourself, your clients and most importantly, for the planet.

Esther Dederichs will walk you through a series of informative & sensory experiences to reawaken all of your 5 senses while sharing practical tools for Architects & Designers on how to use them to reconnect with yourself, enhance your creativity & your work.

S. Lee Wright will share with you the details of the 5 Elements and how these link to our personal 5 senses as well as the overall connection to the greater environment, our Earth. She will provide insights on how you can embrace the true essence of being a more Sustainably focused Architect and Designer.


Online, a Zoom link will be sent once you have reserved your spot!


Laying the Foundation

Sat, June 20, 2020
10:30 AM – 2:30 PM EDT

A Deeper Dive

Sat, July 11, 2020
10:30 AM – 2:30 PM EDT

Your Hosts

S. Lee Wright

Lee is a Holistic-Chica, Designer-Diva and Eco-Advocate.

Lee designs, writes, blogs, speaks, & collaborates about all things related to space & design for a healthier, happier & more sustainable life.

Classically trained as an Interior Architect with a minor in Psychology, she always knew spaces impacted how people live. Her skills also include a Feng Shui certification from BTB Masters Program, Leed AP, NCIDQ certified, Green Leader plus many other holistic modalities giving her own unique holistic approach. Lee has authored 3 books on Feng Shui Design plus offers retreats and workshops on Sustainable Living. Currently she lives in Spain and works virtually with clients all over the world. Her passion is to inspire others to change their space to change their lives, our communities & the planet in sustainably healthier ways.


Esther Dederichs

Esther is a Multi-Sensory Interior Designer & Olfactory Artist & Wellness Coach.

Esther moved to the U.S. in her early twenties looking for adventure and found it in the world of interior design. Her 17 years of experience in interior design included corporate, retail, and medical interiors. She became NCIDQ accredited & an LEED AP because her passion is about improving the human experience. Continuing her journey as a seeker of adventure and her desire to make the world a better place, she has expanded her skills to include Aromatherapy creating luxurious line of sensory products and truly becoming an alchemist. She now combines her skills as a certified personal Coach offering people sensory enhancement to enrich businesses & lives for all of her clients. Her passion is to holding space for people & creating uplifting environments.


As you become sustainable, connected & alive within yourself, sustainability on a global level and taking care of the planet will happen naturally.

We are looking forward to spending these days with you to co-create an uplifting, empowering and deeply nourishing event.

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Brooklyn NY 11201

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