Live & Online Events with Lee

There is a power to being together and I simply adore being in your presence to share my knowledge with you face-to-face. The energy we create together is magical. Stay tuned to my schedule as it can change with the winds though know I am always coming to your neck of the woods if it is meant to be! I find myself in New York, London, Spain and Morocco these days but stay tuned as my adventurous spirit is still growing!

Aligning Yourself & Your Space

Coaching Package

This powerful combination of coaching will result in aligning your Inner Vision with an environment that fully supports you and will result in a balanced sense of being, a deeper feeling of connection and a much stronger foundation of resiliency to ride the waves of life’s challenges. Special Package includes: 6 personalized sessions, alternating between Deep Within Coach, Esther Dederichs and Holistic Designer, S. Lee Wright.

Sustainable Architectural Tours


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Re-connecting the 5 Senses & 5 Elements

20 June 2020 & 11 July 2020

Workshops for Designers & Architects to rebalance, renew & revive a more sustainable approach to designing spaces that make us all thrive.

Online Workshops

Cava & Clothes: Eco-Exchange


Renewing our ways of decluttering our spaces and especially our closets has lead me to a local event to help purge our closets and make room for more abundance by sharing with others.

San Sebastián, Spain

Past Events

Chinese New Year
Welcome Ritual

23 January 2020

Predictions and insights to the power of the Metal Rat Year of 2020 and how you can navigate this for your own empowerment, harnessing the earth’s energy.

San Sebastián, Spain

63 Pearl Street, 119
Brooklyn NY 11201

39 Paseo Colón, 6LZ
San Sebastián 20002

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