OMG – I am reeling from one of the most intense and positive experiences of my life! I have had the most amazing time at a camp called, The Enlightened Warrior, through a company called Peak Potentials.

How to explain this retreat in a way to fully express what it is all about?

It is a life changing course that helps you to see yourself more fully, more boldly, and to have the courage to go for the life you want to live.

Couldn’t we all live more fully, more truly?

From this week away, I have returned with the tools in my tool belt to live my life MORE. More of what, you say?

Well, I respond – more of EVERYTHING.

I am now part of a specialized group of people, all like-minded and like-souled, with a single focus to help everyone to live a better life.

I cannot recommend this enough – for anyone that is wishing to LIVE MORE!

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