Everyone is excited about Home Design these days. It warms my heart so much to know there is an awakening going on so that people are reconnecting with the importance our spaces have on our overall lives, happiness, health, and prosperity. It has always been my belief that our environments affect us deeply, so watching this become more mainstream, well, it is satisfying.
I mean, really who doesn’t like to discover they have been right all along?

And then again, I have dedicated my entire career to the design of spaces, so this would be considered a win-win, right? Well, that somehow is not the case. The internet may have exploded the knowledge of Home Design for the general population, but it also made the idea of DIY (doing it yourself) also a very popular path to take.
I am a real believer in taking charge, being thrifty and being deeply involved in all aspects of my own life, so I am a supporter of DIY movement in general and do it a lot myself. But there is a limit as to when this is the RIGHT THING to do.
Do you have the TIME & KNOWLEDGE it will take to do something in your home design process right the first time?  Sometimes we do this because we think we can only to discover we cannot.  Then what do you do?

I do my best because I count on you counting on me. 

Well, my evolving business model is the answer. I am here as the resource to help you when you get stuck along your DIY journey. Or if you just need a little help in one area that you know you do not know enough about. The home design, decoration or renovation process has many steps and takes focused energy, time and knowledge to do correctly. If you run into a snag, discover a mistake and don’t know how to solve it, uncover a mystery and need some help in resolving it – I am your 911 Designer!!!

Your home should show who you are and what you love. 

My new-ish service is called Design-It-With-You which is all about creative collaboration. I am happy to share my expertise and help guide you on your own design path.
Recently I was sharing a lovely bottle of French wine on the terrace of a client of mine’s NYC Upper West Side apartment.  He was happily rambling on about the details of his recent home renovation. He had embarked on his own kitchen renovation and was sharing with me his trials, tribulations, triumphs, and mistakes. He shared that he thought since I had moved to Spain, that I was no longer doing design and he felt that he had LEARNED so much from working with me over the years that he could embark on this design renovation on his own. He thought because the footprint of his tiny NYC kitchen was small, the project itself would be small. Lesson #1. Small does not mean easy or less expensive. In fact, it can be the opposite if you aren’t very careful.
As we laughed over the design details and the funny stories with the crazy contractor, the lost cat, the mysterious side panel that is still waiting to be installed, I realized that I was pleased. I was happy to know that through working with me in my Holistic Design Methodology that my client had felt EMPOWERED to tackle his own design project on his own.

Kitchens are the heart of the home because it is where you nourish your body & soul. 

Now you may be thinking this is crazy – isn’t this your livelihood? Aren’t you teaching yourself out of a job?  Well, I don’t feel this is right. Though Robert did in fact design and build his own kitchen without hiring me, he learned a great deal, and now will not wish to do that again!  He encouraged my process of creative collaboration and DIWY and knows this is the future of how he will work with me going forward. Especially as he now knows I did not move to Spain to retire! LOL.
Soon my new website will help to define this all in more simplistic terms, but for now, know that  I am here for you.  I am your problem solver, design coach, and space supporter. All you have to do is ring my bell. Contact Us

I am your 911 Interior Design Coach. Just a phone call away. 

Design-It-With-You services range from an hourly consult for $108 to a room for $798, to anything you need in a full-service design range. After nearly 30 years, my skills and experience can help you avoid the costly mistakes and super stressful moments that are inevitable in a renovation or design project.  Let me help you.

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