The end of the year often has us in the process of reviewing, assessing and planning. It is normal given that we are about to end one year and embark on a new one. This symbolises a chance for change. It inspires either hope or fear, depending on what you are facing and where you are in your life. Being a half-glass full kinda chica, I often try to use this time to renew my vision, my goals and set realistic steps to help me get to where I want to go. My passion & purpose as a Holistic Interior Designer is to help you get your home to the place you want it to be with some of my help.

The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it. ~ Robert Swann

As we close out 2022, we are all aware of the drastic changes happening in our global environment and on our planet. No matter where we are we all seem to be impacted by the realities of the climate changes and the subsequent challenges we are facing as a part of it. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember to help my client and my tribe to recognise that we all are in this together and that one small step in the right direction is good enough for now. No more freezing in fear, but taking small, consistent and deliberate actions will help us all become more attuned with our home environment both personally as well as globally. We’ve got this. Together we can make the changes necessary to start the healing journey.

We are stronger together than we are alone.

Though I understand that it is a tough job to consider how to take care of your home in a way that is healthy for everyone as well as eco-friendly for the planet too.  Sometimes I know it can be overwhelming.  There is just too much information available and it is hard to figure out what is fact from fiction, let alone find the time to do it all.
I am here to HELP and to share that I believe that ONE STEP in the right direction is good enough for now. Just start, wherever you are and the rest will start to follow.

 Lee’s 6 TIPS for a more Eco-Home Design Ideas that you can START NOW:


Don’t take the bag at the supermarket, use your purse, or a cotton bag or just carry it. Don’t overbuy stuff.  Ask yourself if what you are about to purchase is really necessary. Not only will these reduce the stuff you have to deal with.  Your bank account will also thank me as well!
Of course I recognise that we all need supplies and this is not what I am talking about. Stock up on the essentials and have this in your pantry in an orderly and visible fashion so you use it ALL up before the expiration dates. But do not overload your refrigerator because 40% of food gets tossed in the average American home because of you don’t see what you have!


Just the above step of refusing anything that is not 100% necessary will help start this process.  The next step is to start a practice of reducing your stuff in your home. Clutter is scientifically proven to be harmful to your mental and physical health. (download my paper on this if you want more details!) Start bringing new stuff in that is not needed, but also start the process of purging, donating, or giving to someone that needs it more.
Simplifying your life is shown scientifically to improve your well-being and happiness. Less choice means less overwhelm. Life is complicated enough without adding to it with our own home environments.
less is more

Simple design can be beautiful, functional too


Make a home recycling center that is visible, easily accessible and simple to clean.  Have different bags for the different things you need to recycle: paper, glass, plastic, metals. Maybe even add a section of “donations” or things to give away.
Though we are starting to hear more about the myth of recycling, and this can stop some of you from thinking this is worthwhile, but I firmly believe that the first steps is to refuse & reduce  but there is also the need to keep on the path of making our stuff be recyclable. By continuing to do this, consistently and with passion, we will enforce the need for our society to be one that creates recycling solutions that work. This useful practice will come in handy in many ways in the future.

There is no such place as “away”. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere. ~ Annie Leonard


Start to be creative with the stuff you have. If you don’t use something for its original purpose, then think how it can be modified to fulfill some other need. For example, I often reuse packaging from purchases I needed to make for gift giving on the holidays, and I also have used some old purses for storage of out of season clothing instead of purchasing other storage containers. I also am a huge believer in thinking outside the box when it comes to furniture that no longer suits your needs. Where else can it be useful? Who else can use it? What can you transform it into with a little elbow grease?
I adore other eco-warriors and one of them is my friend Debra Rapport that uses stuff she finds in the trash or recycling areas into beautiful pieces of jewellery and has taught others to do this as well. Check out her Instagram Page Here
Using an old garden table for a dining table is a creative solution to repurpose something old in a new way

Using an old garden table for a dining table is a creative solution to repurpose something old in a new way


Instead of throwing something away, think about whether it is repairable. Can you start to sew again, or get your local tailor to fix it? I get my shoes & boots regularly repaired by the local shoe repair shop, and I have started to sew again to fix things I love that have just lost a button or are in need of mending. Also, I have reused a broken purse, taking straps from one old bag and sewing them onto another purse that I love using. Wham! A new handbag created from combining the best of two old ones. Sometimes this is more challenging with furniture or electronics, but the more we all seek to repair the more our suppliers will need to create things that can be repaired. We need to break the cycle of fast furniture, fast fashion and single-use products. This is a HUGE step in the right direction if you can start this in one area of your life.


Start to compost. This has been my personal biggest struggle. Living in a city makes it a little tougher, but there are great small kitchen composting kits available to use plus often there is a composting drop off spot in your local Farmer’s Market. Once you start to compost your food waste you can easily see how much other waste you and your family create. It is the biggest step towards the process of reducing your waste is first by seeing how much it is!  Composting helps the earth get the nutrients we take away with improper agriculture and though I realise your compost won’t probably make it to your local farmers soil, it is still a start. Turning our food waste into something useful and healing for the planet is a fantastic goal. One’s trash is another’s treasure.

refuse, reduce, recycle, repurpose, repair, rot – 6 steps you can take NOW~!


Life is challenging and we humans are hardwired to fight change but sometimes we need to get over this instinct and embrace the facts that things are changing all the time. The old saying that the only consistent thing is change, right? So get on board, and start becoming part of the solution for the fact we have not been very kind to our host Mother Earth. We can change our habits and become a little nicer along the way. I believe in the ripple effect. Once you see how this improves your quality of life then you will see how easy it was in the end. Small changes for big results with becoming aligned with our environment. Your home is a micro-cosmo of the planet. Start there, and things will sprout outside. I know this because this is how I live my life – one small step in the right direction as consistently as I can, then soon it becomes part of who I am and I can move forward onto the next step. Will you join me in this journey?

Recycling turns THINGS into other THINGS which is kinda like MAGIC. ***

Old Jewellery as a curtain tie back

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From my home & heart to yours, have a healthy new year.


painted old furniture gives it a new life

Painted old furniture gives it a new life.