Due to a variety of factors, “DIY”, also known as “do-it-yourself,” has grown in popularity over the last few years as the interest in designing and decorating your home environment has been brought into the mainstream way of thinking and as economic challenges have also become increasingly common on almost all levels.
DIY is the method of building, modifying or repairing  something without the assistance of professional experts. It is what it says it is – you do it yourself, on your own. DIY behavior can be prompted by various motivations such as economic or saving money, lack of availability, personal satisfaction, or the need to customize something and the desire to be hands-on. This term has been around for over 100 years and is often associated with the home improvement industry.
As a Holistic Designer, I applaud the increased awareness, greater interest in all things DESIGN, and the growing curiosity of how your spaces affect your life. I am, however, distressed by the lack of explanation and direction with regards to the relevance of when to use a professional versus trying to do-it-yourself.
As an independent and very handy woman, I am a personal proponent of the practice of DIY.  I have always been the first one to get out the power tools and do many things by myself that would have otherwise been outsourced to others.
However, from my experience with the rapid change of how we get information, process it and its accessibility, I am witnessing a lot of mistakes being made in my area of expertise – the Home Improvement and Interior Design industries I believe this is due to the illusion that Google and YouTube can replace real life experience and professional education on a topic. We have all started to believe that if we Google something, we can become experts by the time we read the article or watch the video. Malcolm Gladwell states in his book, Outliers, that to be an expert in anything takes an investment of 10,000+ hours.  Though practice alone won’t necessarily make you an expert, it is one of the cornerstones to even attempting to be great at something.
Thus my noted concern with the increased information available to you all proclaiming that with a weekend course, an online seminar, or a Self-Help/How To Ebook, you too can be an Interior Designer/Decorator or even an Architect and do this well enough to design, manage, and implement your own renovation project.
Bringing in the Pros’ to help solve the problem is key to making
sure the problem is fixed right the first time.
This simply is not the case. For many, it is an illusion as well as a potential recipe for disaster, not only to your renovation project but to your budget and wallet.
To live a life well, I believe it is essential to have respect for the skills that others have which you do not. Though I can cook pretty well, I know that I cannot cook as well as a trained chef; or that although I may have written lyrics to a song, it definitely is not as well written as a professionally trained musician, composer or lyricist. Not even close! These are non-life-threatening activities; therefore, expanding your interests and practicing a craft so you can build on your knowledge and experience is a vital and important aspect of our daily lives. I wholeheartedly encourage this in most arenas of our lives.   You can Google or buy a book on how to cook a specific recipe or how to write your first song and give it a go.  Little harm will come from a failed attempt at many of these scenarios, and a lot of joy and fun can come from the experience.
With this being said, though you can Google how to do a lot of interior design items these days, and though it too is rarely life threatening, it often results in a much larger expense when something goes wrong.   No one wants the disastrous feeling at the end of a project when it is not what you had originally envisioned or it cost twice the budget – or worse yet, it is not completed at all and ends up being left unfinished.
I also personally sense that though not life threatening, a poorly designed space can have much deeper effects on cluttering your life and stopping you from being happy and healthy. For example, the color of your walls is not going to harm you on a level you can readily perceive. Yet, after having practiced for over 25 years in this industry, I have learned that you can change your life almost instantly by changing the color of your immediate environment. Though to know what color is required to create the desired change is still something that takes practice, knowledge, and a level of expertise to do well.
Lee Wright Design
You can change your life by moving your sofa.
But where to move it for best results remains the question.
So though it may not be life threatening, the design of your space can be done to a much higher level which will ultimately result in a better, more comfortable and sustaining space design if you consult with a professional in the areas where you are not best suited or feel less confident or competent. This can include the selection of colors, the rearrangement of your space – down to the specifications for the materials and fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom renovation, or the coordination of the perfect team to construct and build your dream home.
Of course, it is often difficult to admit we are not good at things. Believing you can learn how to do everything well is a dangerous illusion to subscribe to and one where major mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars, derail the schedule, swallow up all your free time, and add some grey hairs to your head. It’s not a question of your ability to do it. Whereas if you make the choice to work with someone who is qualified and experienced in the areas that you are not, these major disasters can be avoided altogether and you can get your project done by while still leading it.
As a result of many, many requests from clients to come in and help after a failed attempt at a DIY project, I have created a new specialized service in an effort to support you by collaborating on the design process for maximum results and synergizing an understanding of the world we currently live in and all the information we have at our disposal. I recognize and respect the changing world and the changing requirements of your needs in the design and construction industries. My desire is to offer you a service that provides you with access to the exact level of expertise you need for your renovation project and the opportunity to maximize the tools at our disposal quickly.
Lee Wright
DIWY™ is when we walk hand-in-hand during the process, allowing you access to a Pro
with the in-depth involvement of your own design project. 
DIWY™, Design-It-With-You is my unique approach to resolving this modern condition.
DIWY™  is a process of co-creation, as it takes into consideration the amount of information available to the common person, the increasing desire to be deeply involved in all things personal (*and designing your space is a very personal project), and the fact that nothing replaces professional experience. The result of this service is the designing of spaces in a joint manner, incorporating both some DIY along with the DIWYTM expertise of myself as a designer to help only in the areas needed.
During the DIWY™ process, I offer design ideas, tools, tips, plans, layouts, resources and insights that only come with lots of practice and time.  We will work collectively on the journey of your space design in an individualized manner to whatever degree and amount you desire.
This service is perfect for you if you have a project you are seeking to do and have either a limited budget, limited time, have a specialized design in mind, or simply want to learn more about interior design along the journey of your own renovation project.
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