Who knew that nail heads could be used in such a decorative and detailed way? Well, at Sandback, who we came across at ICFF, they make tables using ornate inlays of nails! We, at S. Lee Wright thought this was a great way to use materials that already exist instead of fabricating new ones. Great way to conserve! The versatility of the nails enables Peter to fly free, not restricting his designs to tables. We especially loved the design on cabinet faces that we’ve shown below. Sandback also makes some beautiful endgrain tables that are worth taking a look at. All the work is individually made by hand out of their family owned shop in New Hampshire. We hope you like them as much as we did!

Our final post on ICFF goes to John Ford and his elegant, yet simple chairs. The beauty of the paired down design pretty much speaks for itself. Wouldn’t they be lovely at a dining table for eight with two of each type of wood?

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