What is it that you want from your LIFE?  Do you envision having a big HOME or a new sail BOAT? Maybe it’s a beach house by the sea? Or possibly it’s a new KITCHEN for hosting that holiday where all your family can come?
Your dream home

Your dream home

 Maybe you want to do something like starting the BUSINESS you have always dreamed of, or to TRAVEL around the world, or climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro?
Starting my own design business was a dream

Starting my own design business was a dream

Or possibly you want to create positive change in the world by VOLUNTEERING or actively working for a CHARITY you deeply believe in?
Volunteering for IWD was a great experience

Volunteering for IWD was a great experience

Whatever YOUR DREAMS are,

no matter how big or how small, 

they are ALL important. 

DREAMS are the basic essence of life. They are what makes us human. Navigating your life in such a way to make sure you are not just on “autopilot” but you are CONSCIOUSLY taking part in your life – growing, sharing, LOVING – these are all our fundamental human rights which we must not forget in the hustle and bustle of our busy modern lives.

 imgresReach for the Stars

Does YOUR SPACE help encourage you towards your BEST LIFE?  Does it support you and make all your daily activities easier, smoother and leave you enough room for dreaming?
I have always believed in the POWER of our SPACES to positively support us to live better. My bedroom would be redesigned regularly when I was a little girl because I knew instinctively that my space had a strong influence on how I felt, my emotions, my productivity and ultimately how my day would eventually go.  My professional experience as a designer has reinforced this belief again and again.
Your bedroom affects your mood

Your bedroom affects your mood

I have, however, witnessed that this is NOT always the case.  Very often I see people designing pretty spaces but not necessarily spaces that will support them to fulfill their big life dreams, or even support their best functional lives. It is my experience that this is a MISTAKE and causes more harm than you can imagine.
A space needs to be functional as well as pretty

A space needs to be functional as well as pretty

It’s not just a pretty space.

 Our spaces affect us on EVERY sensory level, plus in our consciously as well as unconscious minds. Visually, emotionally, physically – our spaces have a very deep impact on us.  A space can inspire us to be calm by the colors or it can create frustration and stress from being disorganized. A space can even be hurting us with toxic finishes or a poorly maintained HVAC system which decreases our energy levels. Our spaces can make it easy or difficult to sleep, and can even inspire us towards greater or lesser self-care.
One of my PASSIONS is designing sustainable spaces which reflect the people that live and work in them because I have learned to recognize the positive power of a WELL-DESIGNED space.
If your spaces are designed in such a way that you enjoy the spaces, they will INSPIRE CREATIVITY and give a SENSE OF JOY. Designing your spaces properly significantly increases the chances of your dreams coming through quicker than you can imagine plus have you enjoy the journey towards them! Sleeping better, being more organized, having a sense of self-care, not being harmed by invisible toxins – these are only some of the things that can support you to live your best life and in turn dream more and achieve more.
Adding speciality lighting here really changed the function as well as style of this space

Adding speciality lighting here really changed the function as well as style of this space

Some DESIGN TIPSs on what to consider to design your space to manifest your dreams include:
  • Make your daily activities easier to do (design efficient spaces = less stress)
  • Always know where things are (develop good organization!)
  • Encourage inspiration and creativity (make it pretty, use colors, have art…)
  • Nurturing yourself with good sleep, healthy eating and a relaxing feeling overall…
  • Always make more space by a seasonal purge. Only keep what you love and need.
  • Be unique. Design for your needs – not just a pretty space.

Whatever your dreams are,

isn’t it time that you create a sacred space where they

can grow and flourish?

Our “nests” can do just that.   A well-designed space can create a safe haven to live comfortably so you can expand and enhance your life to its highest purpose, nurture and fulfill all of your life DREAMS.
Our homes are our nests

Our homes are our nests

Some more inspirational DESIGN TIPS to bring you one step closer to a space that makes your DREAMS COME TRUE:
  • Trust that even the invisible things effect you so pay attention to the MATERIALS and use SAFE FINISHES so you do not bring in too many toxic or harmful elements into your space. Select responsibly and in a way your future self will thank you for.
  • Be REALISTIC with your MAINTENANCE and care of your space. Make sure to develop an annual plan on how to take care of your space and it will in turn take care of you. A poorly maintained HVAC system can cause health problems in the long run.
  • Utilize all the new options for various LIGHTING out there to create spaces that are flexible for different needs, and environmentally conscious. A well designed lighting aspect of your space can have a profound effect on your sleep patterns, productivity and overall well-being.
  • Your own INTENTION and belief are all is essential to fulfilling yours dreams. Create your vision for your life and go for it by designing a space to support you better!


When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty

but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful,

I know it is wrong. ~ Buckminster Fuller

Good luck on designing your space to support you so you can manifest all of your delicious and exciting life dreams.  Start wherever you are today! Are we the WRIGHT designer for you? Click here to find out.
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