The most important thing that I learned is that GREAT DESIGN is being curious and looking for the RIGHT FIT in that moment and not falling back on the old ways of doing things.
Since the book Outliers by Maxwell Gladwell came out in 2000, the myth of becoming an expert in 10,000 hours has been debunked. I agree it takes more than simply doing the same thing over and over to become an expert.
As a LIFETIME LEARNER, I have always been curious and excited to think differently so I can design better for you. Even after 25 years of practicing design, I still do NOT claim to be an EXPERT designer, because in fact….the more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn.
The FIVE things I have seen from my experience that seem to be consistently done in the most successful projects resulting in the happiest clients with the most prosperous live styles after the design projects were completed.I shared these tips in my LIVE workshop in NYC those for those that could not make it, here are the tips I shared. These five tips are as follows:

No second chance for a good first impression.


The entry into your home is the most important design aspect of our spaces and the least understood. It is the transition from our outer self our inner self.
Design tips to make your best first impression:
  • Make your front door colorful and welcoming.
  • Add a mirror in the space (just not to reflect the energy out of the space!)
  • Make sure the space functions for your entry needs. (even small spaces!)
  • Have something in the front entrance that your consider beautiful, welcoming and nurturing.

Embrace Less is more.

We need to break the habit of letting our stuff own us.
Design tips to make your space seem to have less stuff in it:
–     Purge on a seasonable basis.
–     Make sure all your storage is easily accessible or visible. (Use your vertical spaces)
–     Get rid of your junk drawer!
–     Make sure you have a place for everything you use.

The Artists Way.


Creativity is proven scientifically to make life more interesting and fulfilling. Your space should be a reflection of your own style. In her book, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Camron helps you discover your own inner creative muse. Take charge and have fun!
Design tips to make your space be a reflection of who you are:
–           Use color!
–           Start a collection and display it together.
–           Surround yourself with ARTWORK.
–           Add texture to your space.
–           Add some surprises to your space!

The Right Light.


We too often are working in spaces that have lighting that is actually hurting us. In fact, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism states that improper lighting can be traced to diabetes and even some forms of cancer! We need to focus on task orientated lighting that provides us with exactly what our eyes, and minds need to function at our optimal level.
Design tips to ensure your lighting is providing you with the right light:
–           Use DAYLIGHTING as much as possible.
–           Think of TASKS and make sure you have appropriate lighting in those areas.
–           Bathrooms and Kitchens are essential.
–           Every household needs a good reading area with lots of light.
–           Install dimmers everywhere!

A Healthy Home.


We need to start to rethink of our interior home spaces in ways that have been mostly ignored today. This is because, toxin’s are INSIDE our homes, and can be 2-5 x’s (sometimes even up to 100x’!) worse than OUTSIDE! Diseases are rampant in our world today and this is linked to the unhealthy levels of toxins in our interior spaces so we need to start to make different choices.
Design tips to help make sure your home is healthier tomorrow:
–           Add Plants!
–           Use only Healthy cleaners.
–           No VOC paints or finishes anywhere.
–           Do Space Clearings to remove energetic clutter.
–           Remove electronics from close to your head when you are sleeping.
–           Become more Earth Friendly: use less water and recycle and learn to compost.
My passion is DIWY™. (Design-It-With-You) and helping you help yourself. My workshops, as recently held in NYC on this topic is a perfect example of my goal to share with you ways to help you mindfully design your own spaces for greater health and harmony in your life.
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