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Welcome! With the idea of creative collaboration in mind, I am offering trainings and workshops to help share with you the lifetime of holistic, design, Feng Shui insights, tips, guidelines and How-To list so you can enhance, enrich and empower yourself through your spaces. I am honored you are joining me and I am excited to share this journey together.

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  • Home Renovations with Feng Shui
  • Kitchen Design with Feng Shui
  • Bathroom Design with Feng Shui
  • Before & After Examples of Kitchen and Bathroom Designs with Feng Shui

Upcoming Courses

Feng Shui Design Your Home
8-week course to empower your home with Feng Shui & Holistic Design practices.

Holistic Space Coaching
4-week package for holistic interior design & Feng Shui personalized coaching.

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