Do you STRUGGLE to finish all of the things you start?

Do you have the habit of biting off more than you can chew?

This is a very common conversation I have with all of my clients during the Design and Feng Shui process. It seems almost everyone is overwhelmed with their to-do list today.
Our to-do list is often over-flowing because I believe we are acting on autopilot from a conditioned response from our childhood. As kids we are conditioned to the sense of starting something new and not wanting to put in the hard work to complete things. I have noticed this feeling has started to infiltrate our adulthood. I believe this is because of the speed in which things are coming at us and the inability to process everything the way we once could that keeps us starting more than we can handle.
It is so common in fact that in nearly all of my projects I strive to design ways to help streamline my clients home and work spaces so they have more inner space to complete the things that they have on their daily, weekly or monthly to-do list. My clients often ask for me to wave my design magic-wand to redesign their spaces to flow more easily so they can add more time and stuff to fill it up. Being a holistic designer I do believe that design – a different kind of magic –  can help you have a more organized and productive life resulting in the completion of the things you start more easily.
Make a plan

Make a plan

I design my clients’ homes and offices in a holistic manner to create more open space and flow, less clutter, and more organization plus for the spaces to be designed specifically to suit them in that moment. Once this is done, the expansion of their inner space is reflected almost immediately. Often I witness my clients’ transformation in a change of their focus, allowing them sit with the expansion and breathe into it.  Then they start to get things done more easily, with less effort and often reduce what they take into their lives and spaces.
Even if you are not embarking on a DESIGN JOB in your space, you too can make small changes for big results in your way of living that will help you to START to COMPLETE more in your daily life.
It is my belief that we all need to shift our focus and to start to think of everything as a CHOICE.   We can choose how we spend our time, what we place our focus on and what we want our lives to FEEL LIKE.
We can then start to design spaces and places that help us achieve that feeling. Again this needn’t be a full makeover or renovation, it can be done with some small steps in the right direction to help your life be smoother and more productive resulting in greater satisfaction, clarity and a sense of calm.
I see this a lot in my work. The tough part is always at the middle or end of a project when it takes commitment, effort and the adrenal rush has abated.  It is at this time I feel it is essential to know what your reason for embarking on the journey in the first place is.  This will give you the strength to continue forward in a mindful and purposeful manner. Even contractors loose momentum in the end of the project and are often needed to be re-motivated to complete the punch-list. It takes focused dedication and a vision of the positive result of the COMPLETION to help keep the momentum moving forward towards the end once the initial excitement has abated
We need to break this new pattern and to start to realize the LONG-TERM benefits of completing what we start. I seek to help my clients, and myself, to recognize the deeper satisfaction of completion and the mindful manner to achieve our life goals. It happens one step at a time.


A truly good man does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone. A foolish man is always doing, yet much remains to be done.
~Lao Tzu


I have some tips on how to FINISH WHAT YOU START. These tips are to help you get yourself into a place where you are productive and satisfied with your daily tasks. The COMPLETION of your tasks can bring you satisfaction for a life well-lived and the sense of enjoyment of the steps you are taking towards your big dreams.
8 TIPS on how to complete more things in your life.
  1. BE SELECTIVE.  Make sure it is your CHOICE with what you choose to start. Before you add anything more to your plate, really consider it from all aspects. Why are you considering this? Is this something that you want to do? Need to do? Or are you being asked to do it by someone else?
  1. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.  Be clear on the resources that you need. Do you have the time, energy, money or desire to do what it takes to complete this task? Think of this before you say yes to anything else. Timing is everything and perhaps now is not the best time. Be realistic here; only you know truly what is on your plate and only you can set your own boundaries.
  1. JUST START.  Avoid Procrastination. Stop telling yourself you need to have everything figured out before you start. This is a problem for the intelligent, creative and sophisticated of us who want to understand, control and make things perfect. Forget that! Those that really succeed are the ones that just simply do stuff. Just take the first step and keep moving. The answers come while you are in MOTION a lot easier than when you are stuck.
How much extra energy do you have?

How much extra energy do you have?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

~Lao Tzu

  1. SET A DEADLINE.  It is important to have an end plan otherwise you can continue dancing in circles for a long time and never end up where you want, or with anything completed. Sometimes it is easer to do this if you have someone you need to commit to.   Such as a report being due or a client presentation. However, when there are no obvious deadlines, you need to set them up. Get an accountability partner. WRITE IT on your Calendar.  Ask your partner to remind you of things. Hold yourself accountable. Stay committed to this and your to-do list will invariably start to shrink.
  1. IMAGINE THE RESULT.  Envisioning your end result – what will be the positive result of this being finished. When you are actually setting the deadline take a few minutes to close your eyes and imagine the POSITIVE result from the end of the journey. You can imagine getting an A+ on the paper, the client signing a new contract after the presentation or the family having dinner in the newly designed kitchen. Your power of imagination of the END RESULT will help to pull you towards the completion of the steps to get you there.
  1. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES.  Have fun on the journey and always remember to celebrate the process. Everything has mini-steps along the path and it is positive reinforcement to allow yourself a moment of reflection and celebration in the middle to encourage you to continue, to allow you catch your breath and to give you space to remember why you are doing it in the first place. It is a new life mantra of mine to allow you to SLOW DOWN and to enjoy the process as much as the destination.


Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

~Walter Hagan

  1. CORRECT AND CONTINUE.  Life has a way of changing midstream so it is also important to allow yourself to re-adjust your path if needed. When we have a lot on our plates and life is moving at the ever-increasing speed sometimes there is a curve ball throw our way which we need to either drop everything else to catch or duck. No matter the reason behind it, it is a good life lesson to learn to be.  Be more flexible and allow yourself to be in the FLOW of life. Any other option is setting you up for disappointment.
Sometimes you need to tear down the old to build up the new

Sometimes you need to tear down the old to build up the new

The only constraint in life is change.



So learning to correct and continue on our daily lives and our chosen tasks is a great skill to work on. Nothing is every perfect or will it ever be. Though we strive for perfection, it is important to know that a life well lived is often full of dirty dishes, and unfolded laundry. And that is okay.
  1. REMOVE CLUTTER.  Personally I do not subscribe to the fact that all clutter is evil as we have been told via the media and internet these days. I do however believe we have evolved into a society of consumers and that this can have negative results in our world in the long run. Too much of something, even a good thing, is ultimately not a good thing. Stuff will take up space and this includes inner space. Too many things will ultimately DRAIN your energy and remove your focus on the things in life that matter. So I suggest that you do a clutter management process every season in your home, removing anything that you do not need or love.
Love your space

Love your space

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful,

or believe to be beautiful.

~William Morris

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