Increasing my awareness of a HOLISTIC life through working with S. Lee Wright Ltd Holistic Design, I started to see things in my own life that needed to be more Balanced and I set about to increased Harmony everywhere that I could. Taking ‘notice’ of where things were not necessarily ‘thriving’ has become a key part of my design training with Lee and through this new set of eyes, I noticed that a room in a friends Beach House was completely ‘dead’.

Meaning this room has become a “junk room”, a space that filled up with the unnecessary collection of things that the family could not bear to part with, but were not really necessary in their lives on an on-going manner. So there this stuff would go, to be used ‘another day’ and would actually just sit, unused, unloved and simply hidden from life.  Don’t we all have a space like this? Sometimes it is just a ‘junk drawer’ other times it is your entire house; here it was one lost Bedroom!

So, in highlighting this awareness to my friend, very gently, she was in complete agreement that this needed to be rectified immediately! And we agreed to embark on the journey of “Bring the Room Back to Life”!

It was confirmed that this bedroom had been “lost” for decades, filled with junk. The bedroom was on the main floor of the house and we created an action plan on how to revive this bedroom to be a part of the family Beach House once again.

The very first thing needed was a place to dump all of the useless trash and furniture. In a small beach community that was conscientious of it’s footprint, and as a Conscious Eco Holistic Designer, we decided that we needed to remove the items that needed to be done in a manner that would have minimum impact on the environment. We chose to get a dumpster and remove all that we could ourselves, ploughing through years of trash to see what, if anything was to be salvaged and re-purposed.

Sadly, most of the items in the room had not a second life in them and the majority of the items needed to be placed in the dumpster. Other items we gave away and repurposed as much as possible. The beauty of a small community is that we were able to communicate what we were doing in a short span of time and anyone interested in seeing if our ‘trash’ was their ‘treasure’ happened almost organically. In the future, I think that I would prepare more in the way of an organized Yard Sale just for this purpose.

However, as our goal was to be completed in one week, we needed to stay on task and utilized the youth of the community to help with the heavy lifting and removal of the unused furnishings. They came in and moved out what needed to go to the dumpster and what needed to go to the storage room.

That left us time for the creative design and the FUN part! The combined skills of my Design expertise and my friend’s Real Estate skills, we were able to create a new space from the wreckage of the old. The removal of the items was in sense a ‘space clearing’ in its own right and our happy energy did the rest!

In a couple of hours of hard work, creative energy and a lot of LOVE, we had a charming bedroom that could be allocated to houseguests with pride. As a dear friend and house guest in this lovely beach house, I can personal say that this new bedroom has been fully RESTORED TO LIFE and I am looking forward to going back to the house and using that bedroom as often as possible.

If you have a room that needs to be Brought Back to Life, please let us know! With our Design skills, Organizational flare and Repurposing Sustainable theme, we are your Space Revivers!

Now Lee wants to talk about analyzing our ‘junk drawers’ to see what this says about us. I think I need to go clean mine out!