This pandemic serves to remind us how important our houses are to our daily well-being. In many ways, this moment in time is a return to a simpler way of living, and people are seeing their living spaces as their refuges—sanctuaries where they’re safe and comforted, or not.
Sustainability is not a new concept.  I am pleased it has become popular during the awakening of the climate crisis however the concept of living a sustainable life, in harmony with the planet and our surroundings, is the original way we lived. Traditional cultures have always lived this way because it made sense, made things last, made things easier, and ensured a future. If you want to learn more, here is a good book on the subject: Learning Native Wisdom
It seems that we have become lazy, decadent and simply lost track of this fundamental principle of life.
Wisdom is the power to put our time and knowledge to the proper use.
 ~ Thomas J. Watson.
As a professional designer for nearly 30 years, I knew in my heart that the way we were approaching spaces was unsustainable. It seemed to be so focused on things other than the human experience.  I felt this was not a good omen and I saw it with every passing year that it was not a sustainable approach to life.
My focus has always been on the wellbeing of the humans that live and work in the spaces that I design.  Believe me, though this concept was radical only a short time ago and it is just now becoming something necessary as a result of things like the pandemic and climate change forcing us to sit up and take notice again. Finally, we can’t ignore what is happening all around us and within us.
Why did we last so long with our heads in the sand, ignoring the unsustainable lifestyle that we were all accepting? Well, it is something we will be debating for the next century at least but I think that sometimes comes down to the fact that it is tough to change until we are forced to, even when we know it is bad for us or not a good long-term solution. Our inherent laziness (and addiction to being busy) has allowed us to keep our heads in the sand for too long. Here is an interesting article: Why Change Is So HARD
The time has come where we have been yanked out of our busy-ness coma and forced to start making some changes. Or not.
Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of only standing still.
~ Chinese Proverb
In the future, it is my greatest desire that we will think more about what is essential to the experience of how we want to live and the spaces that we live and work in will be designed in accordance with these visions.
My goal for many years has been to help you to take ownership of how your spaces affect you. My mission has been to make sustainability the new norm using holistic design & life practices to create spaces that enhance and enrich individuals, our communities, and the environment.
Change Your Space, Change Your Life
 Choice follows awareness. Aligning your inner vision with your physical environment is truly the portal to living in balance.
For it is only once this is achieved that we will be able to have authentic relationships, better work-life balance, and ultimately happier & healthier people.
I believe that our spaces and the way we design them can help realize this vision. Want to see some of my holistic designs to give you some inspiration for your own dream home of the future? Check out some of my past projects here: PHOTOS
Your home should tell a story and you be its author
Home & office designs will begin to strongly emphasize self-sufficiency, flexibility, sustainability, health, wellness, and hygiene in the future, post the COVID-19 crisis.
The outcome of this challenging crisis may be a renewed sense of appreciation for domestic space as the heart of our lives and the foundation for our happiness.
The key elements that I believe will come to the foreground of design in our future may include the items below which I have been designing these in my holistic spaces for decades.  Stay tuned as I will Blog on many of these items in the future, with my design suggestions and recommendations. In the meantime, check this out and think about how your home interiors and office spaces currently address each of these elements and ask yourself if you are happy with the way it is now, or do you need to change your space?
  • No-shoe policy in homes
  • Entry foyers being increased and essential to all homes and offices
  • Enhanced home offices that function well
  • Durable, easy-to-maintain and clean surfaces, and materials
  • Good acoustics throughout (soundproofing!)
  • Air filters and operational windows
  • Water purification systems
  • More pantry and general usable storage
  • Easier to move and clean furnishings
  • Larger public spaces with more room
  • Internet connections getting stronger
  • Creation of personal spaces and a “safe room” in homes
  • Health and hygiene being essential
  • Wellbeing is a central part of the design criteria
  • Non-touch systems increasing
  • Connection to nature, more outdoor space or bringing nature indoors
  • Local resources being used more
  • Simpler lifestyles
  • Bathrooms will be separated into cleaning areas and toilet rooms (WC)
  • Flexibility in homes to accommodate changes with movable walls, folding furniture, and dual-use furniture.
Are you READY to change your space to change your life? Does your home space need something to help make it into the Zen, nurturing, and safe zone that you and your family require going forward?  Are you worried about doing this or even how to start, and worse yet, how to avoid wasting your precious money on mistakes?
We can help! With over 30 years of experience, we know a thing or two about how to navigate changing space for maximum results with minimum disruption, without losing your mind or overspending your budget. Sometimes the smallest changes have the biggest impact.
Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.
We offer design services by the HOUR, or by the ROOM or by the PROJECT.  Or simply we can do a FENG SHUI HOME DESIGN review that is customized just for your needs. Chat with us and we can co-create a space that supports you the way you need it to.
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Do you have any other ideas of what would be important for you in your ideal home?
I would love to hear from you and continue to add to this list as it is essential that we start to inform the design, architectural and construction industries of what it is that we need for our ultimate wellbeing and happiness. Designing spaces is a privilege that we have, and it is essential we start making it done in a way that is sustainable for ourselves and our planet.
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