Your HOME is your NEST. It is the space you take comfort in, nurture yourself in and protect your family in. It is your safe zone. It is for all these reasons that your home is such an important part of our WELL-BEING. Making sure your home – your NEST – is as safe, healthy and CLEAN as possible so you can live HAPPILY and SAFELY is one of my most important missions. It is why I am a Holistic Designer and Feng Shui specialist and LEED AP. It is more than my job, it is my PASSION.
Over the years as a Holistic Designer, I have created and shared my belief in the power of RITUALS. The methodology of a design renovation project is always, in my experience, improved through the powerful use of specific rituals, using the power of your intention.
Space Clearing is one of the most important rituals. Now more than ever.
I believe that Space Clearings are a ritual we all ought to incorporate into our lives regularly. The typical rituals we have in the Spring are often so focused on the PHYSICAL environment we live in, that sometimes we do not think about the need to clean the ENERGY in the spaces we live in because they are INVISIBLE yet it is the power of the invisible that ultimately gives the meaning to our lives.
SPACE CLEARING is like cleaning the energetic dirt from your home, just like you would clean the dust from your floor.
Over the years as a DESIGNER, I have become increasingly aware of the effect the emotions we have in a space actually affect the way we feel in a space. Have you ever walked into a BEAUTIFUL space and yet you felt uncomfortable, or worse you just felt creepy in it?

It’s not just a pretty space

Well, that is the ENERGY in the space. Every space holds onto the vibration of the things that are done in it, said in it and felt in it. So this energy needs to be CLEARED out every once in a while or the space is simply full of OLD energy and it can feel cluttered, clogged or simply weird.  That is the reason behind the experience when you walk into a space and it feels ‘off’ somehow. The energy is often UNCLEAN and needs to be cleaned out. If you want to read some more, here is a great article by Giam, one of my strategic affiliates. So you can see that I am not the only one that holds this opinion of the power that our spaces have in our lives.
Many of my clients have discovered the power of this energy during our work on their design renovations together. Click here to learn more:  https://sleewright.com/about-lee/
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Learn how to do your Space Clearing with my videos

Or if you are more of a Do-It-Yourself-er, together we can co-create your own Space Clearing Ritual. Connect Here to schedule. I can teach you my 4 methods for SPACE CLEARING that I use and learn how to do it with my detailed instructions, and explanation for a step-by-step ritual of your very own.
A Space Clearing can be done in a variety of ways and it should be done REGULARLY. This is why I suggest it to become part of your SPRINGTIME RITUAL. So you will do this at minimum once a year.  Of course, depending on your life, your situation and the things happening in your surroundings, the need to clear your space and remove the old, unwanted energy will change though it is my experience that you learn to do it ONCE A YEAR and then you can determine if you need more afterward.
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As I noted above, you can also hire a PROFESSIONAL to help you to do this very important ritual. No matter what, I just suggest you do this ritual right away if you want more happiness, greater opportunities and less confusion in your life.
My ‘holistic’ approach is done so that you can work with me then you can learn how to do it yourself. See, I want you to do this, not just with me, but by yourself, for yourself. I promise you, it will improve the quality of your life. Book your Space Clearing now!

Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Moving the unwanted, old or stagnant energy out of your space is especially good to so AFTER you declutter or do a deep clean because these practices often stir up the energy in your space and allow it to start to move. It is the PERFECT MOMENT to do your own SPACE CLEARING as you can use the momentum to get a better result.

You get better sleep after a space clearing.

Why would you do a Space Clearing?
  • It removes blocks you have in certain areas of your life
  • It helps you to sleep better and stops recurring nightmares
  • It opens up new opportunities
  • It allows new perspectives on old issues to be ‘seen’ as if with new eyes
  • It allows for greater peace to be felt when in your home

New opportunities knock on your door after a space clearing

There are many methods out there, ranging from traditional Shamanic and Native American methods such as Smudging with Sage, to chiming Tibetian bells from the FENG SHUI rituals to shift the energy with the sense of hearing sounds, or, Orange Peels or other aromatics to shift the energy through the sense of scent.
Remember this is all about making sure your space is BALANCED and has harmony. Removing any unwanted energy allows it to flow more freely with the energy you fill it with. This is a great aspect of controlling your own life and not allowing old stuff to continue to affect your life in unwanted or negative ways. This is a basic philosophy of Feng Shui and I can also help you to powerfully shift the energy in your space with a customized consult using FENG SHUI. 
Personally, one of my favorite ways to CLEAR the energy in my SPACE is the use of SCENT and I often use Aromatherapy as a simple yet effective method. I have a DIFFUSER and use ESSENTIAL OILS regularly to keep my space clear of unwanted of negative energy. One of my special Space Clearing RECIPES for this combines powerful oils together. I create a spray and then I spritz the space for 3 days with this blend.


Instructions: Combine these oils in a spritzer bottle with distilled water and spray it all over the spaces to be cleared. This needs to include all corners, behind furniture, inside closets and cabinets. Use this blend in the space you wish to clear in the morning, afternoon and evening on one day.
Afterward, make a blend with no water and add it to a DIFFUSER, place it in the main space, as close to the center of your home as possible, and use for the next 3 days.
This is a very strong yet simple SPACE CLEARING RITUAL to clear the energy of your space this Spring.
My methodologies that I have used over the years are more complex and often A UNIQUE COMBINATION of all of my training and teachings, depending on your space, your life situation customized JUST FOR YOU. This customized Space Clearing can be done as a Distance-Space-Clearing Consult or an In-Person-Space-Clearing-Consult, depending on your needs and my availability.
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Looking forward to helping you

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Wishing you and yours a safe passage through this journey we are in now on planet earth. If you need any assistance with your space in your home, please reach out. Keep Shining.