In Feng Shui, the center of everything is about BALANCE, HARMONY and ultimately HEALTH.

It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of silver and gold. ~Ghandi

The intention for a well-designed space is always about creating an environment that enhances your overall well-being. The mindful arrangement of your space for balance and harmony between our internal and external environments is the ultimate expression of Feng Shui.
Being in alignment with our natural environment is essential for this balance to take place. A holistic view of life takes into consideration all aspects of it and uses this information to your advantage to make thoughtful decisions.

Knowledge is Power.

In Feng Shui, there is a belief that our lives are a sum of nine areas: career, spirituality, family, wealth, fame, love, creativity, travel and ultimately health. In Black Sect Feng Shui the bagua has great importance, and is the basis for our reviews with the goal to adjust one area when necessary to help maintain this equilibrium. To me, before I became a Feng Shui believer, it just seemed like common sense.
Another school of thought that is directly linked to this beleif system is called Biomimicry. Recently Biomimicry has started to gain popularity in the last two decades’ thanks specifically to one woman that also thought it was common sense to look to nature to figure out how to best design stuff. Makes sense, right?  Nature seems to have been doing it pretty well for a long time, understanding how recycling and repurposing its own stuff in innovative ways so it is a perfect place to research for our own needs and use to our advantage. Why recreate the wheel when we can simply duplicate what success nature has already done much better than we have?

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~ Lao Tzu

It finally dawned on me that Feng Shui and Biomimicry have one main thing in common – the connection with NATURE. I strive to stay more connected with the natural world as I get wiser, realizing that this ultimately improves my mental and physical health. Below I share some ideas on how you can get into the RHYTHM of our earth too and enhance your own harmony and health.
Don’t you wish you could find a way to balance your life with nature so you could optimize your own health and happiness?  Stay with me, because that is exactly what I am going to share with you now!
Here is how you can start to do this BALANCING of your own space yourself, right now. Read below to get some ideas, insights, decor tips and lifestyle advice for how to stay in alignment with the season to enhance your wellbeing. 

Adding candles to your space in the winter can add a sense of coziness and warmth in an otherwise chilly space. – Though always be careful when using candles and never fall asleep with them still lit!

It is the coldest time of the year, when things are closed, contracted and darker than other times of the year. It is a good time to SLOW DOWN and allow yourself to do the PLANNING, and REFLECTING on what are the necessary things in your life for your happiness.
I recommend that you use this season to COOK MORE MEALS, to experiment, and try some recipes that take hours and hours. Something you often do not feel the time or inclination to do in the warmer months of the year. Really take the season to SLOW DOWN and NURTURE yourself.
I also recommend READING and WRITING more. It is the perfect season to curl up with a book and a blanket and slip away for a bit. Those books on your reading list? Check some of them off!
If you have a dream to start writing, or even researching something, this too is the perfect season to start this project. When it is cold outside, it is good to stay inside and allow for your inner self to benefit.
Lastly, it is also a time to allow yourself to LISTEN to MUSIC as it is meant to be done. As a completely absorbing sport instead of the background noise, it has become so often in my own experience. There is nothing better than listening to songs that make your heart beat faster during a cold, dark winters night. Music feeds your soul and your soul FEEDS YOUR DREAMS.
In your home, the things I often recommend are to make sure you have added some COZINESS to your space. Blankets, PILLOWS, rugs, CANDLES and a seasonal WREATH on your front door go a very long way to help us stay grounded in the season that we are living through. Your home needs to always be a safe, welcoming space, and during the winter season especially so.


Cleaning your windows is a great springtime job! Allow the sunshine to get into your spaces!

It is often the wettest time of the year when things are beginning to open and expand and it is the beginning of the sun returning.  After the long, dark months of winter, the littlest bit of sun, seems to be a rainbow of delight! It is a good time to start to SPEED things up, start to IMPLEMENT the plans you made during the winter and to TAKE ACTION!
I recommend that in this season you start with a proper SPACE CLEANING. It is a great welcoming of the springtime energy to bring in the air, the sunshine and OPEN yourself and your space again. Think of it as a big STRETCH for your space. Take this season as the opportunity to clear out that part of your house that was bothering you the most during the winter, be it the garage, the kitchen drawers, music collection, or your bathroom medicine cabinet. Do it now! At the minimum, I recommend that you WASH with hot water all your WINDOWS in your home to bring in the sunshine both literally, as well as figuratively.
A SPACE CLEARING is like cleaning the ENERGY of your home. Since it has been all closed-up all winter, your home will naturally hold onto the emotions and energy of all that took place within its walls during the winter months. Even if nothing negative occurred, this can be a great way to welcome in NEW THINGS into your life, and allow you to LET GO of anything that is stopping you from moving forward on things you want to embrace. If you have had some sort of illness, unhappiness, or DIFFICULTY during the winter, then a space clearing is a GREAT IDEA because it will REMOVE this unwanted energy in your house so it does not cling to you in the upcoming months. It allows your space to breath in the new spring air and starts fresh.
In your home, the things I often recommend in the SPRINGTIME is revising your FOYER area to make sure it works as your WELCOME mat to your home. Even the smallest of entry foyers needs to function for your needs with a place to put your STUFF (coat, shoes, umbrellas, purse, etc.), plus it needs to give a sense of welcoming upon entering it. In the springtime, often an umbrella stand and or a boot rack is a good addition since April showers bring more than May flowers. Lastly, changing your front door welcome mat and adding a fresh flower or living wreath will provide a great sense of springtime.

Using your kitchen as a gathering space for friends and family is a great way to connect with your community again after the long winter. Plan a party!

It is the hottest time of the year when things are completely OPEN and in full BLOOM.  It is the time of total EXPANSION and unlike the full-on action of the springtime, the summertime is more of a RELAXED time where you can ENJOY the fruits of your LABOR from the springtime. It is a good time to bask in the sunshine of your life, and your world and look OUTWARDS towards others and the planet for a sense of COMMUNITY.
I recommend that you use this season to share in more SOCIAL activities with friends, family, and colleagues. It is the balance of the year where we can spend more time outside, in the natural world and is a great time to do some FUN things. Really take the season to EMBRACE the joy in your life, and NURTURE your relationships.
I also recommend REVIEWING where you are in your life and yearly plans. Being often able to be outdoors, and walking and talking with those you love, it is the perfect season to express yourself in ways that normally we shy away from. Summertime allows us the safety of sharing ourselves with others more opening and confidently than in other months. Take advantage of this openness.
Lastly, it is also a time to allow yourself to take care of your HEALTH.  Summer is the reflection of life in full bloom and we need to take the time to review and care for ourselves in a mindful way so we can all grow old with grace and ease.  We tend to exercise more in this season, so take this opportunity to put into place an activity that allows you to EXERCISE your body in a way that will have LASTING benefits. This is a gift to give yourself now and your future self will thank you.
In your home, during the summertime, the things I often recommend are to make sure you have added LIFE in to your space with PLANTS, FLOWERS or HERBS.  Living elements add so much more than greenery to our spaces. They are natural purifiers, reducing the overall carbon dioxide in your home, and doing this now will benefit you in the wintertime too. Make sure to get plants that you can care for and that add general beauty to your space. I adore the ideas of an herb garden or a small vegetable garden and have often had them even if on my window sill or small terraces as I am an urban dweller myself. I also recommend minimizing anything to clean in your home in the summer months, removing all rugs, heavy curtains, blankets or throws. The opposite of the coziness we aim for in the winter, in the summer we seek as much OPEN space and MINIMAL design as possible to allow us to simply be present in the MOMENT of now.


Checking that all of your appliances are working properly along with changing filters, checking vents is a great thing to do now before the cold winter months.

It is the coolest time of the year when things are starting to change and starting to shrink.  It is the stark contrast between the full blooming of summer that seems to make the shutting down seem even harsher.  Autumn is often seen as the metaphor for midlife which may also explain why so many associates it with a kind of melancholy. Personally, it is my favorite season. It is one that is a time of REFLECTION, or the process of SLOWING DOWN, but not stopped altogether. The colors of the leaves become their very brightest and MOST BEAUTIFUL just before they fall off the tree in the preparation for winter. This symbolic aspect of autumn has always brought to be a special feeling of possibilities.
In the autumn, I recommend that you use this season to PREPARE for the upcoming months. Our lives are often full to the point of overflowing and in the beginning of autumn, we have a short time to really prepare for the upcoming winter and the holidays.
I also recommend REVIEWING and REVISING your action plan from the beginning of the year and start to really implement, realistically what can be achieved in the moment.
Lastly, it is also a time to allow yourself to be CREATIVE.  After the rush of action in Spring and the abundance of social activity in the summer, the autumn is the perfect opportunity to make some SOLO time.  Make the time in your life to either start or continue your creative hobby whether it is taking a pottery class, or a cooking class, or a yoga class. It is the perfect time to kick-start the action of the balancing season, springtime, again. Creativity feeds your spirit and allows you to be the best version of yourself.
In your home, the things I often recommend are to make sure you have CHECKED everything in the home for safety and care.  Every space needs MAINTENANCE and this is the season to do that., Check your appliances, change your filters, bring in your plumber to fix that leaky faucet or clean your gutters. This is the season of CARE. You need to know your home will be a SAFE space in the cold months of the winter season, and now is the time to do it.

The ancient concept of Tai Chi means Supreme Ultimate Force and is a representation of the concept of Yin Yang.  It is the center of the Feng Shui map, the Bagua which represents that we share the importance of it all is based on the harmony and balance in our lives giving us maximum health.


A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic that is too busy to take care of his tools. ~ Spanish Proverb


Staying in alignment with the seasons is one way to ensure you are matching the balance and harmony with the overall environment and it will clear the path for you to stay in alignment with your own inner balance.
If you would like to have some HELP to realign your space to match the seasons or clear out the old energy, please CALL and we can help. Share this blog when you book either a Feng Shui Consultation or Space Clearing consultation and receive a free GIFT from Lee.