Most of you will already know that I am not your normal Interior Designer. My approach has the added element of the interior of yourself as part of the process. This “holistic” approach is not for everyone.  But I can say that the longer I work in the industry of design and renovations, the more I see how much the spaces we live, work, eat and sleep in have a profound effect on who we are, how we act and how we feel.
My newest approach, DIWY (Design-It-With-You) is a clear marker that I only wish to work with people that wish to participate in the process. I have a ton of expertise, and can guide you to your perfect space but only if you are involved and present in the process. If you do not know what you want your home to look and feel like, then we will be unable to achieve that. It really is that simple.
This is the same thing for your LIFE.
As a very clear statement in my own life that loudly proclaims the desire I have to be the best version of myself, both in my INNER world as well as creating beautiful and functional OUTER designs for our shared pleasure, I have embarked on a soulful retreat to clear out my interior clutter from myself.
We all have our own path in life and can hear advice given to us only when we are ready. Luckily for me, the combination of tragedy and timing allowed me to heed the advice of a dear friend to give myself this week of soulful cleansing. Want to know more? Click here for more info
And of course, if you need some help to create a space for your newly revived HAPPY LIFE, please reach out to me to start your Holistic Design Journey Now.
Read on to see if you could use some more happiness and less clutter in your own life.
I realized that I needed to have a really good purge of my own inner stuff. I have always been a reflective person, and one that likes to grow, and change. My business reflects this as I am always a student for something whether it is Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Feng Shui, LEED and Sustainable Design or even learning Spanish. It stretches my mind and forces me to re-think things I thought defined me.
So decluttering myself meant to be OPEN to really looking at myself, at what  I thought defined me and to be willing to let certain patterns go and become a new person.

2018 is the year of the dog

Teach an old dog new tricks.
I can’t say this enough but if you want to get more, be more and have more then the most efficient way to do this is to slow down. I know this is counter-intuitive but trust me when I share this has been the secret to my own success and happiness but I always need to be reminded to step off the treadmill myself.
Closing my iPhone and my computer and being completely offline for one week was exhilarating! Nothing exploded, nothing horrible happened and perhaps no one really even noticed!  This breaks all sorts of patterns – the worst of which is the FOMO (fear of missing out) which is permeating all levels of our society from our addictions of being connected.
Taking this much-needed break from it all allowed me to review my purpose and WHY I am in connection with so many people like you. And in fact, it will be a great relief to know that I am refocusing my own life and my business in the manner that will be the most authentic and bring you -my tribe- the most value. So taking some time off allows us to see things more clearly.
Sometimes it is hard to be open to new things, especially those of us that are experts in our fields. But I highly recommend this. allowing yourself to become the newbie again at something is quite cathartic and allows you to reconnect with your inner-child. I adored this feeling and it is one that I plan to repeat as many times going forward again. Capturing the joy of being open is something life-changing for me.

Breaking free from our old set patterns is a tough thing to do, and to allow yourself the luxury of doing something totally out of character is a great way to start to shake things up. My experience when you do this, some of the stuff you have been holding onto starts to fall away much quicker.
This can be as simple as wearing something you would never normally do. For example, if you are a black-on-black kind of lass, then try to wear some color. Or if you are a very put together type of dresser, try to wear more casual clothes for a day. This is what I did and it was very refreshing to see that my own sense of self-shifts subtly and I can focus on the inner me that really matters more.
In a world that is continually running at full throttle, it is easy to get lost and to never complete the things you have started. Though I know the damage this is causing us all. I know this as a holistic designer and feng shui specialist. It is like leaving the taps on in every sink in your house. It is a serious waste of your most valuable resource – your own focused energy.
During my retreat, I was able to let go of a lot of the things that I do not need to complete anymore and to focus on my ONE THING – the creation of my holistic lifestyle experience for you all. Now, I can commit to having my first one this December in Morocco!  Ping me if you want more details!

Taking some time to really think about your life is a great thing. Actually, I think it is the foundational element missing in most peoples lives. SO give yourself this experience and KNOW where you want to end up so you can take the right steps now to start heading there. It makes the journey so much more fun, so much less stressful. Plus I know from my own experience when I am on the right path, I am surrounded by like-minded and like-souled people that make my journey so much more awesome.

This is dedicated to my 23 companions that shared my most recent journey with me.  You know who you are. I see you and I love you.
I always feel so blessed when I have given myself some real self-care. One of the reminders from my most recent retreat is about the foundation of SELF LOVE. Taking the time to do something for me is good for everyone in my life. We forget this sometimes in the hectic world of doing more to be more. But I am here to remind you, that if you slow down enough to confirm your dreams and start a plan to get there, you will be more loving and more lovable. And isn’t that the ultimate meaning of life?

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