Spring cleaning is not just about the cleaning of your space and getting rid of clutter. Of course, these are key steps to take but they are the mundane steps we take to get to the heart of the mission which is to check in with our INNER SELVES and take stock of our lives. Are we where we want to be? Are we heading in the right direction to be our best selves? This is the time, and it is never too late, to change your direction and start towards to the person you want to be, towards the life you have always dreamed of.
The time is NOW and you start with this RITUAL to make the clear and clean space for your dreams to take root.

Physically cleaning your space, especially after a deep decluttering, is ALSO essential on multiple levels.
First, there will be a lot of dust, dirt, and stuff that will be disturbed and added to your space. Secondly, there is a lot to be said about MOMENTUM. Once you have started the process, continue forward and go deeper. This is the second of a three-step process I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you make part of your Springtime RITUAL for ultimate health, happiness, and wellbeing.
Every day I read more about the negative impact that the toxins around us cause to our bodies and our minds.  The invisible things in our world, the things we remain unconscious about can and do harm us significantly more than we used to think. We need to MINDFULLY take control of our own environments and our own health again.


However, if you are still in STEP ONE –  DECLUTTERING  – then I suggest you review this and get the supplies ready for when you are finished or at a good stopping point with that process before you start on this deep clean.  Decluttering is a process and it will depend on how DEEP you want and or need to go. It too needs to be a ritual you embrace annually so to not get overwhelmed with it in the future. A great RESOURCE for now and in the future to help you is here:  DECLUTTER FAST.
Now, STEP TWO – its time to start the PHYSICAL CLEANING of your SPACE.

We spend a lot of time indoors. In fact, the statics say American’s spend at least 90% of their time inside.  As a designer of spaces – and many of them being indoors, I have noticed the increased cautions and information available to us about the harm that toxins and unforeseen chemicals, negative energies and side effects of such things can cause on us and those we love, so I have started to share a lot of my own recipes, knowledge, and information with you, my tribe, help heighten awareness and help you to avoid some possibly toxic, dangerous and negative things in your life.

This BLOG is all about helping you to have a HEALTHY HOME. Now that you have removed the stuff that does not serve you and your family for any useful purpose anymore, now it is essential to start cleaning in a way that will keep it safe and clean for you all to live happily ever after.
Check out some of my basics for this task, some eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaners for your home to be the safe space it is meant to be.


Cleaning all of your surfaces in your home is a tricky but necessary business. Here is my favorite all-purpose cleaner. It smells delicious with this great blend of essential oils and you only need to dilute it with water to create your all-purpose cleaner. Use AVA Shield Cleaner when you can’t be bothered to make your own GREEN CLEAN products. 

This can be great to get rid of those difficult orders caused by your pets, or your yoga mat or even those hard to clean areas in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else. This is an all-natural, non-toxic product that can help you stay healthy and clean!  This helps me to save my home from my lovely little furry beast who sometimes overwhelms my small home with her smells! CLICK here to get your All Natural Cleaner
Now, this is a really great, sustainable ESSENTIAL for your home!  A sponge that does not smell, and lasts for a long time, is eco-conscious. Despite being made in China, this is a product that I feel is going to be a great success in your home. You only use water and it is in fact free. So there is little risk for you to try this out. And once you do, let me know your thoughts on it. I love to hear how my recommendations are received by my tribe! CLICK here to get your Nano Sponge now

This is a good time also to set in place some key habits that will serve you the WHOLE year through. Giving yourself boundaries and practices to make sure that the digital part of your life does not get filthy and out of control is an essential part of SPRING CLEANING today in our modern world.  Here is a great article from one of my personal favorite blogs, TreeHugger. DIGITAL SPRING CLEAN
FUN gross FACT: At least 10% of the human population and 90% of the allergy sufferers are allergic to dust mites. Dust mites are smaller than we can see with the human eye but they thrive in warm, humid environments like our bedrooms, in our mattresses and pillows.  It is a great idea to learn more HERE and take some action now.
Be aware of the DUST MITES and clean it up regularly. How? You should use a dehumidifier in warm, moist environments such as bedrooms to help avoid the accumulation of these little invisible beasts and you can also use a DIFFUSER with the essential oil of PURIFY to keep your space clean.



Here is a great guide to all things green and non-toxic for your home. It is more thorough than this blog can be times ten so I suggest you open this and have a peek. It explains why DETOXING YOUR HOME is so important to our health, what you need to watch out for and give real SOLUTIONS on what you can do, right now, to make your home healthier. It offers RECIPES for cleaning and all other sorts of goodies. Again, this is a MUST HAVE for your own green cleaning routine package. HOME GREEN CLEAN GUIDE

Now as you will have noticed that to be GREEN with your cleaning requires a few tools at your disposal in order to AVOID the nasty TOXIC cleaners that have dominated the market for such a long time.
I spent years testing and researching for the RIGHT essential oil company. The one that would get the ingredients in a sustainable manner and make the oils in a loving, kind and non-harmful way so that the end product was full of all the good stuff it was meant to.
I had seen, smelled and used too many BAD essential oils. You know the ones – that are more chemical than natural despite what is on the label. Well, I had enough of that! If I was going to make the effort to put something healthy on my BODY and in my HOME then it needed to be the best version I could find.
ROCKY MOUNTAIN OILS is that company. But you need to make your own decision here. Try out some of their products and see what you think. Again, I would LOVE to hear from you to see what you think.
For a DEEP CLEAN KIT check this kit of essential oils that will make your home sparkle and SMELL lovely. I adore the CHOICE you get here with the oils ranging from a delicious blend called MINTY CLEAN which you can use in your laundry, to the standard oils such as TEA TREE, here are the basics you ought to get your hands on immediately.


The ancient practice that I often employ in my Space Clearings and is traditionally used in many Native American, Shamanic and Feng Shui practices known as Smudging is now being well known as a way to CLEAN out the bacteria of the spaces in which it is used. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH  on this topic is enlightening the scientific and medical communities with this realization. Using Sage in a smudging practice, or burning medicinal plants to create a smoke to fill a space is now proven to remove bacterias from the air within a confined space. This is an amazing discovery where SCIENCE is proving these ancient practices as having medicinal purposes after all.
Next week I will go into more on this topic with the STEP THREE of your Springtime Clearing Ritual  – SPACE CLEARING, the ancient art of removing the negative energy from your space.
You can check out my previous blog for some recipes on eco-friendly cleaning tips and stuff, CLICK HERE


In my blog, Change Your Space to Change Your Life, I will often also post to you the most recent and helpful items I have come across that I think will be of use or interest to my tribe.
Making small changes in your home, raising your awareness, learning new habits and living a more sustainable and healthy life will not only extend your life, it will IMPROVE THE QUALITY of what time you have on this BEAUTIFUL PLANET.  Do something today that your future self will thank you.
I thank you too.

If you need help with any GREEN DESIGN ideas, concepts or projects, you can reach me here: CLICK HERE to reach out to start now
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