As a designer of SPACE, you would be surprised at the intimate conversations I have with my clients. We need to KNOW what is going on in your life and in your mind to help design a space that will help support you, enrich you and empower you to be your best.
One of the most intimate spaces is our BEDROOMS.  Since this is where we have our most intimate moments with others (normally anyways) and this is where we are our most vulnerable (sleeping) these spaces are indeed very important, and in fact SACRED spaces that deserve a lot of our attention.
Though often we do not give them their due.

Before we redesigned the room!

I am here to HELP solve a few of these design issues so you can START to change your bedroom space so it will SUPPORT you more going forward.

AFTER we gave this room a little design-love!

Sleep deprivation is a very common and often misunderstood secret killer of happiness. Your bedroom’s main function is to make sure you SLEEP beautifully, deeply and that you can dream your big dreams well.
This article to tell you why sleep is so important to your overall well-being and there are a few things that shocked even me!
Healthline- Sleep Deprivation ill effects on the Body

Make sure you are COMFY in your bed!

Other things to consider when you are wishing to get a GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP is the covers, linens, and my personal favorite – PILLOWS.
These items are very subjective and super important for our comfort and security. When we sleep, we are in our most VULNERABLE state so it is essential to make sure we are comfortable and not being unconsciously disturbed from being too hot, too cold or having pain in some part of our bodies.
Plus, we often are so much in our HEADS that we ignore our bodies needs until we get ready for bed, and then the aches, pains and body creak, ng all starts to be noticed. Which then can negatively affect the quality of our sleep.
Since we now know that the quality of our sleep MATTERS to our overall HEALTH, it is important to figure out what you need and invest in this part of your bedroom.
My special SLEEPING requirement is my desire for MULTIPLE pillows. I curl up with as many as four pillows, and beware to those that try to take them away!  We all have our own unique needs. Discover yours and make it a priority.
Check out this article about the importance of PILLOWS.
Pillows Role During Sleep
Need to know which pillow is best for you? Read this. Best Pillows to Buy
Here is one of my favorite places to get awesome linens too for your sacred bedroom space. Anichini
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Other key things to consider are dimmable lights and sufficient lights, minimal electronics and of course allowing for a balanced layout and placing your bed in the commanding position for optimum security.
Dimmers are your best friend. You can install your own easily or get a handyman to help you but I HIGHLY recommend that your BEDROOM have this in it. You want to make sure the LIGHTS are on DIM in the evenings when you are getting ready for bed.  Make it a RITUAL and honor the fact you are slowing down and preparing for your sleep.
Lighting is often ignored in most spaces to my shock and dismay.  It is a functional aspect of our everyday lives and yet we just accept what we have and rarely get involved in the choice of it. In your BEDROOM, I suggest you get involved. Make sure you have a light next to each side of the bed for reading. This allows for any personal tasks to be done without the overhead light on, plus the balance of the lights on BOTH sides is part of maintaining a balanced relationship (or the hope for a balanced relationship in the future).


Candles are also the most amazing light for us to bask in.  We look our very best and we are often mesmerized by the flame of a candle. It is one of the most soothing lights we can have in our spaces and to help us to start the process of winding down. I suggest 100% beeswax or soy candles to ensure you do not add any more toxins into your interior environment. Scent is another great option to start to bring into your bedroom too.


Check out this great resource for all natural, organic and sustainable ESSENTIAL OILS from my favorite supplier in the USA. My personal favorites in my bedroom include Jasmine and Vetiver but you need to find what makes your nose sparkle and your dreams sweetest.
Shop Here: http://essentiailoils.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=16&aff_id=1674


Starter KITS are a great way to get yourself introduced to the idea of using aromatherapy and smell in your bedroom.  You can choose whatever smells you like – check them out here http://essentiailoils.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=16&aff_id=1674


As a Designer and Feng Shui specialist, I am always working on the best way to arrange a room. In the bedroom, there is ONE best method to follow if you can.  That is to have the bed facing the doorway or a minimum to have it so you can see the door from the bed.
This is called the COMMANDING position in Feng Shui and it is all about health and safety. If you want more information on this or you want to book your own personal Feng Shui Consultation let us know.

A mirror over the fireplace gave a view of the door since the room did not offer another option.

There is help if you can’t your bed in this position and that is to place a chime on the door so you can hear someone entering the room or adding a mirror in the space that reflects the door (if it does not reflect you when you are lying in bed).



So, there you go.  A few quick ideas and design Feng Shui tips to make your BEDROOM awesome.
Let me know if you want some more help with this super important room in the house. You know if you sleep great, and your dreams can be BIG then your life will be much more wonderful too.

Bringing in candles can add a romantic and softer feeling into the bedroom along with scents that you love.

Sweet dreams!


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