One of the reasons I ADORE what I do is because it is having the opportunity to have a DO-OVER, again and again. Unfortunately, we got sold the wrong idea that we only have one chance at life so we are so serious about our approach to doing things that we can often lose the joy in experimenting or straying over to something NEW just for the sake of doing something different. Often we let FEAR rule our design choices.

We think we can only do things once. Why is that?

I see this with many clients in the beginning of their projects where I often have helped them find their own design muse and DESIGN STYLE and then (and more importantly!) give them PERMISSION to go forward with it.
We seek the approval of others because when we were children we needed the approval. Or is it that our society, our parents taught us this?
I am not sure but I can say that I do not subscribe to this anymore! Do you want to know why?

So much choice! There are so many cool ideas for you to choose from! Why not have some fun?

Everything in my life has NOT gone according to the plans I made. I made many plans. I am an awesome organizer. Many of you who have worked with me will attest to my very good organizational and planning skills. So you can imagine I am really organized in my life and my business with plans for the way things ought to go.  But you know the saying, man makes plans and God laughs? Well, this sums up my life and it just took me a few decades to ‘hear’ this truth.
Even though this has happened to me many times, this is not a recommendation to not make plans, or not dream for the future or being sensible in any way. But it is a promotion to be MORE adventurous, to be MORE bold, to try NEW stuff and to take a RISK every now and then!
As we say in Spain, por que no? (Why not??)
Especially with your SPACES since you are always changing anyway, shouldn’t your spaces have the same consideration?
What would you CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE and SPACE if you could right now?
There are SO MANY things I would change if I could in my life but those of you that know me, will confirm I am good at embracing CHANGE and when things are not working out, I can change my direction pretty radically in order to find the new path. I have always walked to the beat of my own drummer.  Now it is one of my life goals to help others find this new path too.


 Why not start dreaming about what your perfect space would FEEL like?
What changes can you make to your SPACE right now, that will add to your overall HEALTH and HAPPINESS? I have some ideas based on my decades of experience helping others just like you to design spaces that change their lives in the most amazing and wonderful ways. I was once asked if moving a sofa could really change your life and my honest, and sincere answer is always a resounding YES! YES? YES!

Change your space and it can, and most likely it will have an impact on the way you feel and therefore it has the possibility to change your life!
Here are my ideas on some changes you can do to your home space right now that can have positive results for you the rest of 2018 and beyond. Remember to have FUN on this journey too!

This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a big change in your space. Paint can be done by yourself DIY or a professional. You can select your own colors, or you can hire a professional like me Book your COLOR CONSULT now!
You can go for simple, basic paints Sherwin Williams no VOC Paints or more creative one like Modern Masters Paints.
Eco Terms to Know before you Paint.
However always select NON-TOXIC paints such as ones with no, or low VOC’s. This will allow you to live in the space while you paint it, with no harmless after effects. Plus, it is good for the earth too. A real win-win.
A designer tip is to add ONE accent wall to a space to create interest or give a grounding aspect to an otherwise weird layout.

Color can make space GROW. Accent walls are so perfect to EXPAND a room.

Changing your existing furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories is another way to really shake up your space and make some big changes. Even though I have many clients say to me before working together that they could not imagine how anything could be done differently, but it is simply amazing how many different ways you can make your spaces work with a little creativity.

Changing the layout of the furniture and artwork in this space changed it dramatically.

A designer tip is to allow some pieces to float in a space – everything does not need to be against a wall. Allow there to be enough circulation to comfortably get around furniture and not bump into it. Also, use rugs to ground furniture in larger spaces where you may wish to have different clusters of furniture for different activities.

Changing your dining table from square to round can really change your space!

There are a thousand solutions to every design problem. ~ lee-ism.
This can be done yourself, by just moving your stuff around (or getting a few strong friends to help!), or you can hire a professional to help you. I offer a DIWY specialty service just for this as I have helped many clients fall back in love with their home.

Book your DESIGN CONSULT now!

Sometimes it is only one area or room in your home that requires your attention.  Such as a bathroom. Since bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive (and dangerous) rooms in the house, these are the spaces I would recommend you do your homework before starting.  You can learn some ideas with some helpful DIY books.
Click here for my Home Renovations book click here for Kitchen Renovations book, click here for Bathroom Renovations book.
If the area in your home is your living room or bedroom, this is more decorative versus architectural, so you can do some of this yourself if you want.  Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovation book can help with some guidelines on how to avoid the major mistakes and there are many other useful online sources such as Pinterest, Houzz or Apartment Therapy. These can help you define your own design style and my recommendation is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN before you start and then the process is a lot smoother.
The highest reward for a person’s work is not what they got for it, but what they became by it.
~ John Ruskin
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If you are thinking of this and need some help to brainstorm and decide if you want to go it alone or work with a designer, you can reach out to me and we can brainstorm together for 20 minutes *for free.  It is always my goal to guide you on the best path for you. Sometimes this is for you to do on your own, sometimes with another designer and sometimes, but only sometimes, it is with me as your personal #SpaceTherapist where we embark on the Design-It-With-You™ process together.
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