Being intimate, truly intimate with another person requires a safe inviting space that allows us to literally and figuratively let ourselves get close to each another.

Now it is the month of LOVE with Valentine’s Day being the #1 day for us to be reminded of being in or not being in a relationship. A completely manufactured holiday for the consumption of goods, it is not an authentic holiday in my humble opinion, but again, there is a NEED for us to think about LOVE and the power of it in our lives so this is as good of a time as any to give us some ways to help us bring in more LOVE into our lives through the design of our spaces, and especially in our bedrooms.
The bedroom is the room where we nurture ourselves and our loving, intimate relationships so it is a safe bet to say that it is a good space to redesign if you want to improve, enhance or even attract into your life a loving partner.
Here are some of my top tips as an Interior Designer and Feng Shui specialist that have helped countless clients find and bring in more LOVE into their lives.
Designing your bedroom to balance yourself is the key to all successful relationship. Need some help? Reach out to us here. Start your bedroom DESIGN now
Make sure the bed is big enough, but not too big. King Size beds and beds with broken mattresses are not ideal.
Make sure the bed has enough pillows for both of you and that the linens are to your liking. Comfort is key.
Have (2) side tables of equal importance and function on either side of the bed. One side cannot dominate the other.

Two balanced side tables is a good way to help your relationships remain balanced too.

You really really need to have a headboard! If you don’t you are unstable and unprotected. Be sure to do something to make sure you are safe when you sleep.
You can create headboards or the feeling of in many creative ways. It is only up to your imagination. Here in the photo above, we used wallpaper to enhance the feeling of the groundedness on the wall where the headboard was. Sometimes this can be all you need. Other great ideas include using fabric on the wall instead of a headboard on the bed and or paint. Connecting it to your bed/mattress is often considered a more powerful cure in terms of Feng Shui. If you want to have your bedroom reviewed with Feng Shui,  Reach out to LEE here.


Nothing underneath the bed that does not serve your relationship. No knives, guns or sharp, unsavory objects allowed. This is energetic and karmic. Even if you don’t believe in this stuff, simply do not put stuff with bad juju in your bedroom. Put it in the garage or not at all if possible.
I personally subscribe to the fact we have allowed ourselves to collect too much stuff that has detracted us from living our authentic lives. It can be a distraction. I have had clients spend years getting rid of their stuff. To me, this feels like a waste of precious time. Just become mindful of the stuff that takes up space in your home, life and especially in your bedroom. It is a reflection of your inner self. Remove anything that is not going to serve your greater happiness.

Have nothing in your home that you do not consider to be useful or beautiful. ~William Morris

Make sure your lights are all on dimmers so you can turn down the lights when you are starting to get ready for bed, or just waking up. Jarring our nervous system is never a good idea and long-term effects of this will show up later in life so do this throughout your life and you will benefit from this as you grow older. Also, make sure you have enough light for your needs, such as a nice bedside lamp. And one on each side of the bed is a great idea to welcome in your partner, even if they are only a dream at the moment.

Bringing in candles can add a romantic and softer feeling into the bedroom along with scents that you love.

Bring in this underused sense into the bedroom. Our subconscious is very powerful and rules us way more than we even understand.  It is understood that the way someone smells is one of the most important factors in attracting your partner.
In your bedroom, try to use candles, incense or an aroma diffuser with your favorite essential oils to bring in a lovely smell for you to enjoy when you are in the bedroom. Even if you do not use scent in any other part of the house, this is a perfect room to try it out.
Everyone is subjective about scent and what makes you feel good, but also know that smells also have a physiological effect on your body, brain, and nervous system too so make sure to not use stimulating scents when you are trying to go to sleep.
Currently, my favorites include Vetiver and Rose combination or a Jasmine and Cedarwood combination. 2 drops in my diffuser and sweet dreams! Start to explore this scent in your life and I promise you that this will be rewarding and fulfilling. Want to know more?  Read this earlier blog of mine.Aromatherapy Blog


Smaller bedrooms can allow for greater intimacy.

Less is More.
Rethink the SIZE of your bedroom and do not oversize it. More space allows for you to use the space for the things that are unnecessary for the main purposes for this space and therefore it detracts from the sacredness of the space.
Intimate spaces inspire intimate relationships. Keep that in mind next time you are complaining about needing more space!
When designing my clients’ bedrooms I always take into consideration breaking spaces into their basic functions and trying to make each area work for its sole purpose. A bedroom is for making love and or sleeping. You can have a changing area in or near your closet or bathroom, a reading area outside the bedroom (perhaps in a window niche!) and most definitely your work area should be outside the bedroom as it is well known to disrupt sleep patterns and make it more difficult to tune out your work brain. If this is not possible (as is often the case in smaller apartments and even in larger homes with huge bedrooms!), aim to have separate spaces for these activities. You can design the room so you are not looking directly at your work area and other activities when you are in bed through the use of clever design with curtains and or screens.

Turning a small room into a changing room and closet made the bedroom able to focus on other activities!

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I hope that some of these design projects help to inspire you to redecorate your own bedroom!  If you need more inspiration: CLICK here for more design inspiration


Who doesn’t want a happier, healthier and more balanced relationship’s in our life?  I know that I sure do!
Revisiting our spaces in our homes to make sure they are a good reflection of where we are now and are bringing in the right energy for what your dreams are now is a good idea to do regularly.
Have fun and good luck with bringing in more LOVE into your life.
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Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


Keep Shining,