Our inner spaces and outer spaces are deeply connected. Our ancestors understood this better than we do.  Feng Shui is all about this: understanding that if we change something in our homes, it can affect how we feel, then how we behave can change and then we can make a bigger difference in the world at large.
I feel we are often disconnected with this truth.  Most people I know are so busy they do not fully recognize the spaces they are in.  American’s spend about 90% of their time INDOORS. With this terrifying statistic, is it no wonder that our spaces have a deep impact on us?
shutterstock_50841478When was the last time you just sat and watched a sun set?
It has become my personal and professional mission to help people in a few ways.
  1. Recognize this as a fundamental truth. We are all interconnected.
  2. To give tools to change space so people can feel empowered again.
  3. To help heal the earth.
I sincerely believe that once we all recognize that we are all interconnected and everything we each do has an effect on the whole, our choices will become very different.  It is when we do not see the results, we are so separated from the long term effects of our actions that we simply turn a blind eye. We can no longer do this.


If we continue to turn a blind eye, the earth is going to continue to be harmed and one day we will not be able to save her.  If we continue to turn a blind eye, our environments will become so toxic that we will not be able to survive. Be the change you want to see in the world. If not we may have nothing to fight for.
I feel this is a crisis for us today.  This truth, this fundamental, basic truth is part of the laws of nature and yet humans have found a way to avoid seeing this.
I too have fallen into this trap.  For many years I was a real workaholic. I worked in New York City and London. I was at a flat out running pace most of these years, racing to work, racing to complete my task list, racing towards that dangling golden carrot that was “It will be better when….I get the promotion, the car, the house, at my next vacation, when I am 35, when I have enough money in the bank.” Well that never came for me.  What came was the wall. When I hit the wall – which honestly I have done now a few times in my life – I realized it is the JOURNEY not the destination that matters.  A journey is made because on a journey, discoveries can be made.
Starting my own design business was a dream

I forgot the true definition of success sometimes in my work

Somehow when I was younger I knew success was not connected to money or a job, or even a title. I understood it was so much more. It was whether I was warm at night, had friends to share time with, was able to love and be loved. To make a positive difference in the world, and to aim to leave it a better place than the one I found. That to me was the essence of a positive and impactful and SUCCESSFUL LIFE.
We need to do this again. I feel that we often get stopped because we focus on the HOW more than the WHY. I also think we often get stopped because we try to complete everything at once and then it gets too big, too overwhelming and we stop before we start.
imagesWhere are you headed?
One step in the right direction is all you need to do. Because from my experience, big differences start with small steps in the right direction.  I am aiming to make a difference in my small ways.  I aim to be more conscious with my choices. I aim to educate and share my information in a positive manner with as many that want to listen. I aim to empower as many people to change their own spaces in conscious and mindful manner that will support them and in doing so will allow them to be better, more conscious and mindful people in the world. I aim to be the best I can and to help as many be the same. When I realized one of my gifts was about the creation of sacred, sustainable and spectacular spaces for people to live and work in, then I knew I needed to continue doing this despite my desire to get off the tread mill.

Change Your Space to Change Your Life. ~ S. Lee Wright

I just shifted my perspective and the world changed with that small change. My change in attitude allowed me to change my environment in a bigger way and as a result, I am making a bigger impact in new and innovative ways I never even dreamed of a few years ago.
IMG_0997As my 3rd book is being edited, and I am about to do my first public talk on becoming an author and why I wrote the books Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, I realize I am living into this dream.
IMG_1212What will you do today that your future self will be proud of?
If you want to share in my journey and leave a legacy that matters and your space needs some help, please contact me. It would be my honor to help you make some positive changes in your space and life.

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