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Healthy Home Tips during Your Coronavirus Confinement

In times of uncertainty and challenge, there is always an opportunity to make changes. Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by choice. ~ Jim Rohn The Coronavirus has made us all experience uncharted waters and one of the challenges I am hearing is...

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Feng Shui Chinese New Year Tips: Metal Rat Year 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (- Wha?? AGAIN!?!) I really believe in SECOND CHANCES and the CHINESE NEW YEAR which starts on January 25, 2020, and ends February 11, 2021, is just that. A second chance to kick-start this year in a new and intentional way. CHINESE BELIEFS The Chinese...

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How to Have a More Sustainable Holiday

As a Holistic Interior Designer, I am all about designing a more Sustainable Life and Home.  For me, it is essential to discover ways of making a solid platform in which we can rest and simply 'be' in comfort and stress-free. This is the goal of a modern world. And...

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Is Your Space Spooky? Remove Negative Energy Now.

Halloween is now a holiday about candy and scary movies, but once-upon-a-time, this holiday was about something very different.  Now that I live in Spain, I got a first-hand glimpse at some of the histories to this season because many people here still practice All...

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Eco-Exchange Rituals

The inspiration for my new Eco-Exchange Ritual event came in the dark of winter when I was looking for a beloved sweater.  And I could not find it amongst the other things I had in my tiny Spanish closet. While I was rummaging, I noticed A LOT of things in my closet...

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Your Home’s Wellness Check List

Home Sweet Home. Most of us really do feel most comfortable in our own spaces & places. There are scientifically proven reasons behind this and it is not just smoke & mirrors, or crystals & sage, like many non-believers of my Feng Shui design practices,...

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Empowered Home Design

Everyone is excited about Home Design these days. It warms my heart so much to know there is an awakening going on so that people are reconnecting with the importance our spaces have on our overall lives, happiness, health, and prosperity. It has always been my belief...

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Some Summer Scents & Sense

Every season has its unique characteristics and qualities.  And summer is no different.  Though many people, including myself, adore the sunshine, warmth & comfort from the season of summer, there are some challenges that also come with the super intense days of...

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Let Go: Bad Bathing Rituals

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. ~ Robert Swan You have heard about climate change, and how plastics are killing our oceans. However, with this knowledge have any of your habits changed at all? My guess, if you are...

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