As a designer my whole life, it has been a source of confusion to balance the need for re purposing and not adding to the landfill problem continuously.  I have spent my entire career working to balance these things in both my heart as well as in my practice.

The ultimate balance came with the teachings of Professor Thomas Lin Yun with the source of Feng Shui. The ultimate lesson is that true essence of life is about BALANCE. And this is ultimately one of the main principals of Feng Shui.

My designs, my core principals and ultimately my life, are about the creation of this – BALANCE. Whether it is about the space planning, the color scheme, the furnishings, the materials, the cabinetry, the use of plants, lights, accessories. It is always to me about the balancing act in the creation of space.

The physical essence of design is important and the inherent need to have stuff is obvious. However the ability to re use, or re purpose items is not always thought of.

High-end designers and architects often will start from nothing. And to me, this has never been the real challenge. I have always said a renovation is much harder than a new build. Just as working within the constraints of the actual existing space is always more challenging than the working from the imagination.

To me, this thought process has been what brought me to the need to always seek to RE PURPOSE, to RECYCLE and to use SUSTAINABLE items in my designs a natural conclusion.

It just made sense.

The difficultly is that it is not simple – not a push one button process. We need to look at, evaluation and determine what works best. This is the real concern in our ever increasingly busy world. We seek a ONE SIZE FITS ALL however this is not the truth. We need to use our minds to evaluate the best way to live. And my document, that I created with care to help SIMPLIFY your life so YOU WILL USE IT more often than not. See under OFFERS: NYC DONATION & RE PURPOSING TIPS.

I am still a work in progress myself, always striving to improve my own eco consciousness and to build a system of accountability into my world to ensure that I do as I ask of others. I have a list of goals to meet this year and one of them is to Reduce Plastic Use in my immediate world wherever I can and another is to start a countertop composting system in my own mini urban kitchen. I will keep you posted of my own progress.

The Journey of thousand miles begins with one step. What will your ONE STEP be towards a GREENER future be today?