As a Holistic Interior Architect, I am always striving to live a balanced & holistic lifestyle. This includes my own home, my interaction with nature and my own holistic nutrition. While being aware of the very yang energy of living in a city, I am also very aware of the need to connect with nature every once in a while to add some yin into the equation to balance things out.

This past weekend was one of those experiences, and although amazing on many levels, it is a true indicator that my life is not in 100% perfect balance & harmony for the way in which I strive for it to be.

I escaped to the Adirondack Mountains into the wilderness with a clan of other like-minded souls needing this escape from city life. Our fearless leaders are part of a group called Outdoor Bound – an organization made to simply supply the means to this end. I think of them as a personal gift.

My reintroduction into the city, however, was such a shock to my system, that this is the true indicator to me about the imbalance I am living daily. The feng shui of my own bedroom and the feng shui of my living room came into a clearer picture and I knew I needed to re evaluation it all again to help with the balancing act!

My goal as a result? To try to find more time for balance & harmony on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and not to simply reserve it for the one, two, or three times a year when I book these breaks.

Although, given the fast pace world in which we live, I am sure to rely on my new friends at Outdoor Bound and more frequently get my rebalancing fixes. My personal definition of holistic is about this very ebb & flow of our needs and making sure we continually work to balance it.