Can Feng Shui Tips empower your home or is it just another scam?

You keep seeing all this hype about Feng Shui. Is it just smoke and mirrors? Just another trendy scam? Yet, you still feel that something is “off” every time you walk into your home. You have changed things around, bought that really cool thing from Amazon, and even decluttered Maria Kondo style. Yet, it still fails to make you feel that sparkle of joy that you are craving when you walk in your front door.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a grain of truth.

Is there some legitimacy to the whole matter of Feng Shui? Could it be the solution to help you feel less stressed and anxious in your home, and more excited to be alive and at peace in your own space?

Or is it just a superstitious bunch of hocus-pocus that will disappear when another trend takes its place?

Read on to find out some things about this ancient practice that may just turn you into a believer. More importantly, below are some easy-to-implement tips for you to shift your home from drab to fab.

What the Heck is Feng Shui Anyway?

Feng Shui is a body of ancient Chinese wisdom, knowledge and experience related to the built environment gathered over thousands of years. It’s a systematic way of working with your humaness, nature and spaces in a way to magnify the chances of good stuff happening to you. With that kind of database of knowledge, and such an important purpose, maybe it’s worthy your consideration.

Feng Shui tips can empowers you to change your home environment to change the feeling that it’s not “right” into a “feel good” place. With over 3000 years of experience, there is a wealth of knowledge to guide you on the Feng Shui path.

If you want to experience the magic of transforming your home from drab to fab, then you need to bring it in with a few carefully chosen steps to welcome it into your life and into your consciousness. You need to have faith in the invisible and remember that consistent change is the power behind intention.

Magic Tips to Bring in the Sparkle to Your Home

Here are 5 Feng Shui tips on how you can bring in the magic of this practice into your home, give it a sense of that sparkle and joy that will bring a bounce to your steps, a smile to your face and give you the boost of empowerment to believe that anything is possible again.

Apples with Apples is the best method for organising

Organise your things by grouping them together.

Organise Your Apples with Apple

Decluttering is still a very hot trend, and for good reason. Too much stuff is shown to decrease your well-being so it’s best to minimise it. However, there is little discussion on the path to follow after you have removed your unwanted stuff.

A Feng Shui tip after you declutter is to organise your space according to the concept of apples with apples. In other words, everything should be with the same sort of stuff. Don’t have your bathroom towels in your living room, or business paperwork in the bedroom. You will save heaps of time looking for lost stuff, removing unnecessary duplicates, plus your home will be working for you instead of against you.

PRO TIP: If this seems to be too much for you to handle on your own, you can give yourself the gift of brining in a pro to help you like Spatial Serenity. Having Dana help to organise your home is like getting a warm hug from a friend.

Add Mood Lighting

You spend most of your time indoors, like most modern people these days. Lighting your space is super important to make your space function for you and it can either help or harm. How lighting is implemented, however, is often solely focused on style versus function. Plus, natural daylight is often considered only as an after thought.

A Feng Shui tip is to focus on function first when it comes to how to light your home. It’s a good idea to use multiple light sources in all spaces to provide you with nuances of lighting options. Also, maximising your use of any natural light that your space gets is a wise idea. Think too of dimmers, and anti-glare blinds to allow maximum control.

PRO TIP: Philips Hue Lighting is a system where you can add color into your lighting scheme easily. How much fun could it be to enhance your mood lighting for adding just the right amount of spice to your life? Check out this article that explains how: 10 Ways That Philips Hue Lights Can Change Color Automatically

Upgrade Your Colors

Talking of colors, you know that colors are known to be mood enhancers. Even with this common knowledge, the favourite color in 2022 was October Mist by Benjamin Moore and Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams! Forgive the generalisation, however shades of gray are not exactly the path to happinesss producing endorphins. If your home is only in shades of gray, this will influence your life to be more gray too. Your home needs to be a refuge from the challenges of the work outside. Allow your decor to help you attract happiness.

Feng Shui tip is to focus on using colors to raise your vibration and mood. Don’t think of color as a forever commitment; just allow yourself to be in the present moment, and embrace the color that makes you feel good today. You evolve over time, so should your space. Colors can be added to your home through painting a single wall, or a whole room. It also can be done with a throw rug, piece of art, or even accessories like a vase. Go crazy and bring in some happy colors!

PRO TIP: If you chose to add color through paint, make sure to go with low or no VOC paint such as Benjamin Moore Aura paint, or ECO PAINTS. You can paint and sleep in the space that night since there will be no toxins to worry about!

Enhance Your Flow

The number one mistake made in furniture layouts is to put all the furniture against the walls of your rooms. This often leaves a void in the centre of your space, and causes uncomfortable conversational distances between people. Changing the way your furniture is set up in your space is a key way to shift the energy in your home and life.

A Feng Shui tip is to move your furniture around in one main room of your house. Find a new layout and be creative. Think of a new activity to do in the space. Listen to your intuition. Plus do not put everything against the walls- be bold and float your sofa in the centre of the room!

PRO TIP: It is recommended to move your furniture around and try it out. Allow the new layout to be like that for a few days to let it settle in, and then you can assess how it feels to both you and to the house. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. Check out this video on how to arrange your furniture and especially the tricky way to deal with your recliner! 

Adjust Your Artwork

Placing personalised artwork in your home is one of the best ways to show off your personality and showcase what’s important to you.

A Feng Shui tip is to take an honest overview of your artwork and find the common theme. What does it say about you? You may be surprised to discover that it’s not the theme you want to advertise so you may want to adjust it. Your artwork plays a vital role in your future visions so tread with care.

PRO TIP: If you happen to have a lot of artwork or it has different themes, you may wish to curate to have only certain pieces on display at certain times. One way to manage this is through seasonal swapping of your home art. Need some help to figure out how to do this? Check out this article: How to Swap Your Art Seasonally.

Magnify Your Reflection

Adding mirrors into a space can be a tricky decor step to do properly. Think of 1970’s flashback to disastrous walls covered in mirrors and you know this to be true. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. However, mirrors have a great power and are worthy to incorporate into your home.

A Feng Shui tip is to add a mirror in a space that either needs to be made to feel bigger or is in an area that feels dark. They can be used to help enhance the natural light and or reflect something that you want to have more of. Don’t have a lot of access to nature? That’s okay, place plants in front of your mirror and it will have the same impact.

PRO TIP: Adding a statement grand floor mirror can empower the positive in your space, add a pop of ‘wow’, plus provide a healthy dose of seeing your whole self. Here are some great choices for you to select from with big impact: Best Full Length Mirrors.

Create the Space and a bigger life happens. ~ Alysia Reiner

Grand floor mirrors can change your space

Big floor mirrors can increase the feeling in your space

​​One Small Step In the Right Direction

Are you willing to do one thing right now that will start the process of bringing in some magic?

Feng Shui tips protocol suggests that you must act within three days of a consultation for the magical power of the knowledge bestowed upon you to deeply take root.

Whether you go with a big mirror to show off your best side, add some mood lighting in your bedroom to add some spice, or start to review your artwork with the intention of changing it out seasonally, the key is to just do something!

These small but intentional steps will bring in the sparkle of joy you are seeking while reconnecting you with your home in ways you didn’t know were missing. The magic of Feng Shui is in part of the recognition that everything is interconnected. The more you align yourself with your core values, and make sure these are reflected accurately in your space, the more in control you will feel and empowered to continue to create the life you want.

If not now, then when?

Be bold, make a small step in the right direction today, and your future self will thank you.


Do you love this idea of bringing in Feng Shui Tips into our home, but still need some help? No worries, you can reach out here to get help with our personalised Feng Shui Consultation or even buy one of our Feng Shui Tips books.