You are feeling good and all is running smoothly with your home design project.You have taken the time to figure out your plan of action, even designed your exact vision for what you to want to manifest in your home. With this clear vision of your dream home your project has finally started!

Then BAM.

Out of nowhere, there is another “Umph” moment. Some kind of unexpected bump that you hit that throws everything way off track. Something or someone puts a big blockade in your way. Maybe you lost your contractor, or your spouse has decided to change his job. Or the placement for your sink doesn’t fit or the price has tripled for that must-have fixture you fell in love with. Read on to read my tips to help you since with so many moving parts in the arena of home design, it is most likely you will encounter a hiccup (or two) during your journey and I can offer some insights to help you get back on track.

Change is the only constant in life. As we evolve, our home designs should too. 

I get it and trust me, I am no different than you.I get hit with big bumps that throw me off my action plan too. In early February I got hacked. Some of my social media accounts were disabled (hopefully) temporarily. Umph! I had hit a wall and had to decide what to do differently. (and to not just break down and cry!)


What you focus on matters


It is during our darkest moments that we must focus on the light. 

It is during these challenging moments in you home design project that there is an opportunity. You have a chance to rethink your reactions and approach to solving your problems. Recently in my own “umph” moment I had to pivot my reaction from victim to warrior goddess. It was in this moment that I knew I could share this with you since this can be applied in many, many instances. Especially in the home design arena since this is one heck of a tricky business indeed! (I know this from personal experience after literally hundreds of design projects over the course of my career as a professional designer).
You can do that too (change from victim to warrior god(dess)). Everything is not lost and you can revise your way of thinking. I can share with you my best Tips on how to get back on track when you lose your way on your home improvement plan.  Maybe I do not have the exact solution for how to get a new contractor, or where to place your sink so it will work best, however, I can give you some overall guidelines on how you can help yourself during your home decor project for better results during the tricky moments which you are certain to encounter. Of course, if you do need some specific help, you can reach out to me HERE too!

Tips for Getting Back on Track in your Home Design Project

Ask for help

  • Ask for help when you need it and don’t take no for an answer. Politely continue to seek assistance. Stay consistent. This is also why working with a professional on your home design project is also something I highly recommend. You aren’t the best at everything so use others when needed to help you in these areas. The world is all about DIY but you need to be realistic and decide when it is better (and less expensive) to hire the pros first time around. Also, note that you can ask for help in just one area and do not need to get professionals to take over the whole project. My DIWY (design-it-with-you) services is one example. Also, a designer by the hour is another option to just get what you need where you need it.

Stay Focused

  • Stay focused on the end game and one small step in the right direction is good enough at the moment. Do not allow yourself to go into overwhelm which freezes you from action. Small, steady steps often wins the race in the long run. A design or home renovation project is a process and often the media makes you have unrealistic expectations on timing and schedules. My advice is always remind yourself of the end result of your home design project and as long as you are working towards that goal, everything is okay. If you change too many things in the middle of the project then you will end up with a messy result. Make sure you stay on the same path and focus on the ultimate result. Do not get shiny penny syndrome and think that someone else’s idea is better than your own. Stay focused on your original plan

Adjust and Continue

  • Be willing to adjust and continue with a new plan of action. Looking for other solutions, changing your schedule and creating a new vision! Life will continue to put “Umph” moments into your path. That is part of the deal so learning how to manage these is a good idea. All home design projects, from small decorating jobs to full-on home renovations, are subject to a few unexpected moments requiring you to pivot your expectations. Better to know in advance and be able to be in the flow. You can find creative solutions to almost everything but you need to be willing to change your original vision to see things differently. Design is a process and being willing to adjust and continue (or compromise) is often necessary because many expectations are unrealistic to start off with.

Be Grateful

  • Be grateful for all you still have. This was probably the hardest but most crucial element to how you will make sure your home design project is a great success. Living with an attitude of gratitude is a great life path because seeing the silver lining allows the vibration to remain high. It is from this place that often solutions to the bumps are most often discovered. You can always find the things that are not perfect, but the expectation for perfection is often not realistic. In a design project there is a balance between time, money, quality. Know yours and be grateful you have the chance to create a better home, however humble it may be.

What can you rethink in a new way in your home design? Repurpose, reuse, reduce?

Sometimes the things you’ve lost can be found in the most unexpected places. 

Finding inspiration from others is one of the ways you can help yourself most. Do not give up hope and always pick yourself up and wipe off the dust from the tumble and try again. Life is a series of bumps. How you handle them is the true essence of a life well lived. You are going to get messy, not be perfect and never ever will things go according to plan. But you can learn to PIVOT in your home design project and just go with the flow.
Designing your home is a process that never, ever goes 100% according to plan. Even after 30 years in the industry as a professional Interior Designer, there is always something new for me to learn. So you need to know that once you decide on taking action in changing your home to be a better environment for you and your family, that it is a process you will need to learn to take the “umph” moments and pivot your expectations at some stage.

Am I the right Pro for your Home Design Project?

If you think that I may be your home design Pro that you are seeking, I would be thrilled to help you kick-start your home improvement project. Even if you want to just brainstorm about it. Remember that I act as a consultant to help you in just the areas you need it and nothing more. I am not a design-it-for-you designer anymore. My approach is more collaborative these days.
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